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Throughout our journey, we have been dedicated to assist researchers and clinicians with high-quality research and diagnostic tools as well as expert technical support. 

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 MHC Dextramer® - Enabling Detection of Low-affinity T Cells

The Dextramer technology were developed to improve immune monitoring of antigen-specific T cells.

MHC Dextramer reagents are superior MHC multimers capable of efficiently detecting all antigen-specific CD4+ or CD8+ T cells by flow cytometry.

The MHC Dextramer technology allows detection of antigen-specific T cells displaying T-cell receptors with very low affinity for the MHC-peptide complex. Prior to the discovery of this unique technology, conventional MHC multimers had a hard time detecting these low-affinity T cells and often simply failed.

Today, MHC I and II Dextramer reagents are widely used for epitope discovery and immune monitoring to achieve accurate and reproducible results in research and clinical trials within immune oncology, transplantation, autoimmunity, and infectious disease.

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MHC Dextramer (IHC)  - Visualizing T cells in situ

MHC Dextramer is not only for flow cytometry. Immudex customers and collaborators have succesfully shown that antigen-specific T cells can be visualized in situ by staining frozen or parafin embedded formalin fixed tissue sections. This enables tracking of disease-specific T cells directly within a diseased organ or immunized tissue area.

Different tissues have different structures and different spatial distribution of infiltrating T cells. Tracking T cells in the tissue where they exert their function can increase the understanding of T-cell immunity significantly. 
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 Dextramer® CMV Kit - Research to Diagnostics

After years of dedication, the Dextramer technology entered into the diagnostic space.

The Dextramer CMV Kit is Immudex' first diagnostic product, and we believe more will come. The kit helps refine cytomegalovirus (CMV) management in the clinic. Post-transplant immune reconstitution of CMV-specific CD8+ T cells are crucial to control CMV infection and prevent CMV disease.

The Dextramer CMV Kit can enumerate CMV-specific CD8+ T cells in whole blood allowing assessment of CMV-specific immune status and prediction of risk of CMV reactivation in transplant patients.

The kit has CE-IVD mark in Europe and is cleared for in vitro diagnostics by FDA in USA.

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Klickmer™ - Dextramer® Technology Beyond T Cells

The power of the Dextramer technology was pushed beyond detection of antigen-specific T cells when the Klickmer product was launched.

In just one klick, you can add biotinylated protein to the Klickmer and create your own personalized Dextramer reagent.

Klickmer technology is a multipurpose research tool providing endless opportunities to address scientific questions - including:

- ligand-receptor investigation

- simulation studies

- identification of specific cell populations

- and many more

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dCODE® Dextramer - Revolutionizing Immune Monitoring

We are excited about the newest addition to the Dextramer family - the dCODE Dextramer which we believe will lead to many novel and innovative achievements in the immunology society.

The presence of a unique DNA barcode on each dCODE Dextramer allows detection of antigen-specific T cells in cell samples by PCR followed by next generation sequencing. The technology enables creation of large panels of MHC multimers each displaying a separate MHC-peptide combination and a corresponding unique DNA barcode, allowing multiplexing and the parallel screening of 100-1000 different antigen-specificities in one sample. The analytical challenge caused by the enormous diversity of the TCR repertoire has been overcome.

dCODE Dextramer technology can be used for epitope discovery identifying T cells of interest in a bulk sample or used for single cell analysis allowing the simultaneous analysis of T-cell antigen recognition, T-cell receptor VDJ sequences and gene expression profiles.

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