Dextramerization Service

With the Dextramerization service, we can generate a customized multimer that benefits from the superiority of the Dextramer® technology but gives the freedom to create customized, high-avidity multimer reagents.

Send us your biotinylated protein, and we will attach it to a Dextramer® - or a dCODE Dextramer backbone and create a customized multimer reagent.



Requirements for Your Protein:

  • Protein is mono-biotinylated and free of any excess biotin
  • Protein biotinylation degree > 75%
  • Purity > 50%
  • Concentration > 1µg/µL
  • Preferably shipped in a PBS based buffer

Customized Dextramer in a Few Easy Steps:

  • Pick the backbone (Dextramer® or dCODE Dextramer®)
  • Talk to our scientists on how to create the reagent you need 
  • Send us the protein
  • The protein biotinylation degree and purity is QC'ed prior to the Dextramerization service
    • If the protein pass the quality requirements, a customized Dextramer is produced and shipped to you
    • If the protein does not pass the quality requirements, you will be notified, and we will discuss how to proceed

How to Order the Dextramerization Service

Send an email to with a few details about the protein you wish to Dextramerize and choice of Fluorophore (PE, APC, or FITC) or no Fluorophore

Dextramerization Service Price (EUR) Price (USD)
Entry fee to initiate the service 350 400
100 tests of customer-defined product with Dextramer® backbone 2.350 2,700
100 tests of customer-defined product with dCODE Dextramer® backbone contact us for price contact us for price


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Do you want to do this Dextramerization on your own? Please check out the Dextramer® Backbone named Klickmer and the dCODE backbone named dCODE® Klickmer.

Our Technology

All our products are based on the following technologies:


dCODE® Technology

Klickmer® Technology

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