The Science behind the Proficiency Panels

The Science Behind Proficiency Panels

T-cell immune monitoring Pro­ficiency Panels are conducted in collaboration with CIC (the US Cancer Immuno­therapy Consortium of the CRI) and CIMT (the European Association for Cancer Immunotherapy).

Originally, CIC and CIMT established Proficiency Panel programs to offer an external validation of assay performance and to enhance assay harmonization. Over the years, more than hundred laboratories have participated, and the frequently used T-cell immune monitoring assay, MHC multimer and Elispot assays, have reached a high degree of harmonization.

In 2013, Immudex took over this non-profit service. Sylvia Janetzki, coordinator of the CIC panel program, explains the rationale for handing the Proficiency Panels to Immudex, "Immudex has been an active partner and valued collaborator in our panel activities. Their continuation of the panel program will allow CIC and CIMT to start projects that aim at improving the performance of new assays and to investigate efficient approaches to maintain the integrity of samples obtained from donors, participating in clinical trials."

Cedrik Britten of CIMT adds, "The CIMT Immunoguiding Program (CIP) members are excited to see that external validation for two commonly used T-cell assays may now become a regular service available to a large number of laboratories, working in different fields of immunology. Our expectation is that the T-cell community will benefit from a regular feedback about their immune assay performance relative to their peers, together making immunological monitoring a sharper tool to guide the clinical development of innovative immunotherapies."

At Immudex, we are very honored to have the responsibility of the MHC multimer and T-cell Elispot Proficiency Panels. The age-long efforts of CIMT and CIC have improved MHC multimer and T-cell Elispot assays to a new level of accuracy, robustness, and reliability.

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