How well do you perform ELISpot immune assays?

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of T-cells releasing cytokines in response to antigen is an integral part of modern immunotherapeutic research and development. The ability to perform accurate and reproducible ELISpot assays is therefore an important skill to master.

Participate in the Immudex T-cell ELISpot Proficiency Testing Service 2023 and get a chance to assess your expertise in quantifying IFN-ɣ secreting antigen-specific T cells in provided PBMC samples.

By participating, you can:

  • Evaluate and benchmark your immune monitoring performance against fellow researchers and clinicians worldwide.
  • Support your CLIA and ISO 15189 accreditation process.
  • Ensure alignment with collaborators (e.g., multicenter trials).
  • Reinforce your credibility with partners, sponsors and regulatory agencies.
Registration Closes February 28, 2023.


What is Proficiency Testing?

In 2013, CIC (the US Cancer Immuno-therapy Consortium of the CRI) and CIMT (the European Association for Cancer Immunotherapy) chose to give Immudex the responsibility of coordinating all aspects of

immune monitoring proficiency testing. Since then, Immudex has carried out this service annually and we remain committed to provide this assistance to the scientific community.

What Do the Results Show?

In the ELISpot Proficiency Panel 2021, all laboratories received identical PBMC samples for identification of IFN-γ secreting antigen-specific T-cells, and results were collated to assess the relative accuracy of results across the different laboratories. 13 of the 29 participants (44,8%) had a relative accuracy of between 0.66-1.5 and are considered to be “in

the average range” (dark purple columns).

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