Challenge the Limits of Immune Monitoring 

Dextramer® reagents are designed to help you obtain high-quality results

A Pioneered Tool that Evolves With Science

Dextramer® technology enables you to get the complete picture of the cellular immune response ensuring reproducible and comparable results.

Push the boundaries of your research with high-quality antigen-specific immune-based tools.


Achieve Unrivaled Results

Flow Cytometry

Sensitively quantify target immune cells by flow cytometry with a strong signal-to-noise ratio. 

Single-Cell Multi-Omics

Discover and characterize antigen-specific T-cell epitopes at single-cell resolution.

In-Situ Staining

Track the spatial distribution of antigen-specific immune cells in tissue by direct or indirect staining.

Clinical Reagents

Source GMP-grade reagents for monitoring of one or more epitope-specific immune cell populations.

Maximize the Potential of Cellular Immunotherapies

Discover the range of immune cell therapies including TCR-T and CAR-T. Explore how Dextramer® technology can support the development and manufacturing of cell therapies.


You Define the Challenge

We offer custom solutions and services tailored to your needs - unique Dextramer® products for unique research applications.


Make Your Own Custom HLA Monomers

Immudex is the proud global distributor of the high-quality easYmer® MHC monomers manufactured by immunAware.


SARS-CoV-2 Curated Lists of Epitopes

Discover a curated list of the published epitopes shown to be recognized by T cells in COVID-19 patients.


Empowering Breakthrough Research Worldwide

"Quick and timely delivery of products, good customer support, prompt responses to product-related queries"

Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company
"I have already recommended Immudex reagents to current and former colleagues because I am satisfied with the quality of the products and the customer support"

Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company
"As a company that develops targeted immunotherapies, we have used Dextramer® reagents in our preclinical development and clinical trials. Based on this, we view Immudex as a reliable partner and can attest to the consistent quality they provide"

Kerry Sieger, M.A.​ Senior Director Global Quality Operations, Immatics​

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