Understanding the Role of Immunity in Cancer and Infectious Diseases


Dextramer® reagents are designed to detect and identify the broad spectrum of cells involved in immunity. To support high-quality precision monitoring in cancer and infectious disease, Immudex has created disease-specific panels of selected Dextramer® reagents.

Detect, quantify and isolate antigen-specific T-cells without missing the low-affinity ones from tissue or blood, and gain insights to better inform treatment decisions.

Immune Monitoring in Cancer

Antigen-specific T cells can mediate antitumor immune responses, a function that is leveraged to treat cancer. Monitoring T cells reveals important information about pre-existing and therapy-induced immunity.


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Immune Monitoring in Infectious Diseases

From vaccine development relying on knowledge about long-term immunity to treatment adjustments as diseases progress, understanding T-cell immunity during infection facilitates improved care.


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Sharing Knowledge About Immunity

Explore our reference collection to learn how Immudex customers use Dextramer® reagents to understand immunity and develop new therapies.


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