Exceptional Monomers to Push the Boundaries of Your Research

Flexible Monomers to Advance Your Studies

Immudex provides a comprehensive portfolio of high‑quality, ready‑to‑use or peptide-receptive easYmers® MHC I powered by immunAware, U-Load® MHC II Monomers and Soluble TCR Monomers, giving you the flexibility to advance your research in a range of areas:

The Immudex Monomer Portfolio

There are numerous reasons to work with MHC and TCR monomers from Immudex – from longer shelf-life of reagents to more flexible staining schemes.

MHC Monomers

  • Broadest allele coverage
  • Large collection of ready-to-use MHC monomers for assembly into lab-built multimers or for other applications
  • Biotin modification at a single site for seamless integration in multiple types of assays



Peptide-receptive MHC Monomers

  • Generate specific peptide-MHC complexes by loading your peptide of choice
  • easYmers® MHC I monomers powered by ImmunAware
  • U-Load® MHC II monomers



Non-Classical MHC Monomers

MR1 Monomers for investigation of MAIT cells and CD1d Monomers for investigation of iNKT cells.


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Discover CD1d Monomers

MHC Monomers (GMP)

Quality reagents produced with a high level of documentation

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Custom MHC Monomers

Our team of experts in Custom Solutions and Services has extensive experience in creating custom defined peptide MHC monomers either with alleles already in our portfolio or with new alleles generated from scratch.

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“Finding highly specific antibodies with high affinity can be a challenge. Being able to order Immudex’s stable MHC complexes with our peptides of choice has helped us considerably.”

- Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company