HLA-E and HLA-G Dextramer®

Identify with NK and T cells with Confidence

Investigate the antigen-specific NK cell Response

HLA-E and HLA-G Dextramer® can be utilized for detecting antigen-specific NK and T cells by understanding their unique peptide recognition and interactions with immune receptors. These molecules offer insights into unconventional T cell responses, immune tolerance, and pathological conditions such as cancer or infectious disease.

Through multimerization of HLA-E or HLA-G, Dextramer® technology increases the avidity for sensitive and reliable detection of NK and T cells.

The HLA-E and HLA-G Product Portfolio

Immudex offers flexibility for researching non-conventional T cells like NK cells. Our range includes biotinylated human HLA-E and HLA-G Monomers, HLA-E and HLA-G dCODE Dextramer® reagents, and HLA-E and HLA-G Dextramer® technology for your preferred assay.

Besides HLA-E and HLA-G Dextramer®, Immudex also provides biotinylated HLA-E and HLA-G Monomers and HLA-E and HLA-G dCODE Dextramer® reagents for detection of antigen-specific NK or T cells by NGS and single-cell multi-omics.




Optimize for Your Assay of Choice

HLA-E*0103 / Qa-1b



20, 100 µg*





In situ
Flow Cytometry

HLA-E*0103 / Qa-1b


50, 150 tests*

dCODE Dextramer®




Single-cell Multi-omics

HLA-E*0103 / Qa-1b


25, 50 tests*


*HLA-E Dextramer® is available also as 15 tests. Larger test sizes of all products are available upon request.

HLA-E and HLA-G Alleles

Immudex offers a number of HLA-E and HLA-G alleles and peptide specificities investigation of antigen-specific NK or T cells:

Cat. No.




Disease Area

Test size




RLPAKAPLL inhA Tuberculosis 15/50/150 tests

745/1485/2855 EUR

819/1633/3140 USD


HLA-E*0103 VMAPRTLVL UL40 CMV 15/50/150 tests

745/1485/2855 EUR

819/1633/3140 USD

UR07005C HLA-E*0103 VMAPRTLIL UL40 CMV 15/50/150 tests

745/1485/2855 EUR

819/1633/3140 USD



RIIPRHLQL H2A  Autoimmune 50/150 tests

1305/2440 EUR

1540/2730 USD



KYIHSANVL ERK2 Autoimmune 50/150 tests

1305/2440 EUR

1540/2730 USD


New peptide-HLA-E or HLA-G combinations can be requested through Custom Solutions and Services.

Qa-1b serves as the mouse equivalent to HLA-E and is available through Custom Solutions and Services.

HLA-E Dextramer® successfully stains NK and NKT cells

Here, HLA-E*0103/VMAPRTLIL (UL40) Dextramer® was used to stain NK and NKT cells HLA-A02:01/ALIAPVHAV Dextramer® was used as a negative control. The CMV UL40 protein is a natural ligand for HLA-E.


  • NKG2A receptors on NK and NKT cells recognized HLA-E/UL40 and could successfully be detected when using HLA-E CMV UL40 Dextramer®


  • The negative control, HLA-A*0201/ALIAPVHAV did not exhibit staining.


Discover reagents for investigating other non-conventional T cells

MR1 Dextramer®

For detection of ligand-specific MAIT cells


CD1d Dextramer®

For detection of lipid-specific iNKT cells



The staining procedure for HLA-E and HLA-G Dextramer® is described in the MHC Dextramer® staining procedure.

Find the protocol here!

Order HLA-E and HLA-G Dextramer® Reagents

To order HLA-E or HLA-G products, please send an e-mail to [email protected] specifying information on: 

  • Your preferred reagent format: HLA-E or HLA-G Dextramer®
  • Your preferred allele
  • Your preferred specificity
  • Your preferred dye: FITC, PE, APC, or None
  • Test size


Do you have questions about the MR1 Dextramer® technology, implementing our technology into your experimental workflow, protocol optimization, or data analysis and interpretation?

Our technical support team consists of highly skilled scientists that are here to empower you to improve your results, provide you with the tools for success, and share our expertise.