General Technical Questions

Can Immudex Provide Peptides?

Yes, Immudex can provide lyophilized peptides manufactured by TAG Copenhagen or by JPT. If a peptide and a Dextramer® specific for the peptide are ordered at the same time, Immudex can provide the peptide from the same batch used for the production of the Dextramer.

If you are interested in specific peptide modifications, please contact us, and we will forward the request to TAG Copenhagen or JPT.


What is the Minimum Peptide-MHC Affinity for Stable Dextramer® reagents?

Peptide-MHC affinity is crucial to the production of stable MHC Dextramer reagents. The higher the affinity, the more stable the reagent will be. Immudex recommends to use the prediction tool NetMHC to predict the theoretical affinity between the peptide and the MHC allele of choice. In our experience, peptide-MHC complexes with Kd<below 1000 nM have greater chance of success. However, considering that other factors also influence the effective peptide-MHC complex production, each request will be evaluated before we accept an order.

What Is the Quality Control Procedure for Dextramer® Products?

All products are produced to the highest quality with little lot-to-lot variation and are quality controlled (QC). We perform several QC tests on the Dextramer reagents before shipment. We control the fluorescence signal, the correct attachment of MHC-peptide complexes to the dextran backbone, and the correct folding of the MHC-peptide complex (using SDS PAGE and an ELISA-like assay that measures the integrity of the complex).

Can I Use Empty MHC Dextramer® Reagents as Negative Control?

MHC I molecules without a peptide are extremely unstable. Therefore, it is not possible to purchase a MHC Dextramer with empty MHC molecules. However, we do provide negative control Dextramer reagents, displaying MHC molecules with irrelevant peptides. Immudex offers negative control Dextramer reagents specific for HLA-A*0201 and HLA-B*0801, and a General Negative Control Dextramer.

What Is The Concentration of MHC Dextramer®?

The concentration of the MHC Dextramer is 32x10-9 M. The recommended volume is 10 µl to stain 1-3x10^6 lymphocytes or 3-5x10^5 antigen-specific T cells.


How Do I Order Immudex Products?

You can order Immudex products in three different ways:

Read more about ordering here

Who are Immudex Distributors?

Although Immudex sells products directly in most countries, we have distributors in some areas. Please email us if you are interested to hear more.

Do I Need Special Documentations to Purchase MHC Dextramer® Reagents?

In some countries you will need an import permit to have the Dextramer® reagents cleared in customs (e.g. Australia and New Zealand).

What Is The Delivery Time?

Delivery time is 2 weeks (6 weeks for customized products).


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