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MHC Multimer Proficiency Testing

Originally developed at the initiative of CIC (the US Cancer Immuno-therapy Consortium of the CRI) and CIMT (the European Association for Cancer Immunotherapy), Immudex offers Proficiency Testing as a non-profit service to help researchers and clinicians worldwide evaluate and benchmark their immune monitoring performance with MHC Multimers.

Using laboratory-specific protocols, antibodies, and flow cytometry, participants determine the number of antigen-specific T cells in provided PBMC samples using MHC multimers and receive a report comparing the results from all participating laboratories.

What You Receive

PBMC samples: identical for all participants*
If requested, MHC Dextramer® reagents free of charge (only pay shipping fees)
Assay instructions

What You Measure

Total number of CD8+ T cells in samples
Number of MHC multimer+ CD8+ T cells in samples
Percent of total CD8+ T cells that are MHC multimer+

MHC Multimer Proficiency Testing Service – Step-by-Step


Register PBMCs

MHC Dextramer® if requested

Assay instructions
Use your own protocol to analyze PBMC samples according to the instructions Report your results back to Immudex Get a report with all participants' performance

Proficiency Performance 2021

In the MHC Multimer Proficiency Panel 2021, all laboratories received identical PBMC samples for identification of antigen-specific T-cells using MHC multimers, and results were collated to assess the relative accuracy of results across the different laboratories. 13 out of 19 participants (68,4%) had a relative accuracy between 0.66 – 1.5 and were considered to be in “the average range” (dark blue columns).

Learn more in the MHC Multimer Proficiency Panel Report 2021



*Immudex conducts quality control of the PBMC samples before these are shipped to participants.

Participation Fees

Academia and Non-profit Organizations To be determined
Industry companies and CROs To be determined

Registration For 2023 MHC Multimer Proficiency Testing Service

Registration for the MHC Multimer Proficiency Testing Service 2023 opens in Spring 2023. Contact us at if you’d like to be informed when registration opens.