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MHC II Dextramer® – Identify Antigen-Specific CD4+ T Cells

Enhanced Sensitivity for Reliable Results

Typically expressed on the surface of antigen-presenting cells, MHC II molecules dock and primes CD4+ T cells.

Antigen-specific CD4+ T cells are critical for the immune response of many diseases, given their role in recruiting and coordinating other immune cells. Often challenging to detect and stratify with standard reagents, antigen-specific CD4+ T cells are revealed through the high-avidity and enhanced sensitivity of the Dextramer® technology.

With multiple MHC-peptide complexes and fluorophores on a flexible dextran backbone, MHC II Dextramer® reagents are designed for high-resolution characterization of CD4+ T-cell responses, even with low-abundance cells and in complex matrices like blood.

Dextramer® Technology

The backbone of precision immune monitoring

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MHC II Dextramer® detects DRB1*0101/EBV-specific T cells in a blood sample via flow cytometry (internal data).

MHC II Dextramer® detects DRB1*0101/EBV-specific T cells in a blood sample via flow cytometry (internal data).

A Tool For Meticulous And Precise Research

Push the boundaries of your flow cytometry assays with MHC II Dextramer® reagents. Designed for high avidity and exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, MHC II Dextramer® reagents enable you to detect antigen-specific CD4+ T cells with confidence.

  • Get the full picture of CD4+ T-cell responses, even the low-affinity ones.
  • Ensure consistent, reproducible, and comparable results.
  • Expand the limits of your research.
  • Secure flexibility in your experiments.
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Order MHC II Dextramer®

You can order MHC II Dextramer® reagents in one of three ways:

  1. Use the table below to find and order your MHC II Dextramer® reagent
  2. If you can’t find the reagent to meet your research needs, create a custom reagent
  3. Alternatively, send an e-mail to specifying:
  • Catalog number or desired MHC allele-peptide combination.
         - Consult our lists of available MHC alleles
  • Fluorophore (PE, APC, FITC, or none)
  • Test size (50,150, 500, 1000 tests). One test is 10 µl reagent and sufficient to stain 1–3 x 10^6 lymphoid cells or 1–3 x 10^5 clonal antigen-specific T cells.

Immudex has updated the catalog numbers. To learn more about it, please consult the document here

Cat. No.

Allele Peptide Antigen Disease/Organism
FA10001 DRB1*0101 PKYVKQNTLKLAT HA Influenza
FA10002  DRB1*0101  PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag
FA10005  DRB1*0101  QEIYMQHTYPISA Tetanus Toxin Tetanus 
FA10006  DRB1*0101  LPLKMLNIPSINVH pp65 CMV 
FB10001  DRB1*0401  PKYVKQNTLKLAT HA Influenza
FB10002 DRB1*0401  PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag
FB10012 DRB1*0401  GAGSLQPLALEGSLQKRG Proinsulin Diabetes 
FB10013 DRB1*0401  IAFTSEHSHFSLK  GAD65  Diabetes 
FB10014 DRB1*0401 NFIRMVISNPAAT GAD65  Diabetes 
FD10001 DRB1*1101 PKYVKQNTLKLAT HA Influenza
FD10002  DRB1*1101 PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag
FH10002 DPB1*0401  PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag
FH10036  DPB1*0401   TQHFVQENYLEY  MAGE-A3  Cancer 
FH10037  DPB1*0401  KKYFAATQFEPLA Oxytocinase  Cancer
FI10187 HLA-DQ2.5 QLQPFPQPELPY α-I, Gliadin Celiac disease
FC10002 DRB1*1501 PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag
FC10049 DRB1*1501 ISMYTFSTMKANVGMGR Large T antigen Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy/JC Polyomavirus
FC10055 DRB1*1501 PVDLHAFLSQAVFS Large T antigen Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy/JC Polyomavirus
FC10063 DRB1*1501 ENPVVHFFKNIVTPR​ Myelin basic protein Multiple sclerosis
FC10113 DRB1*1501 RVLGLVLLRGENLVS SNRBP Cancer - Glioblastoma
FC10125 DRB1*1501 SLLKKYLTKEVFDKL​ Arginine kinase Lit v 2 Shrimp allergy/Penaeus vannamei 
FC10144 DRB1*1501 KGIFVIQSESLKKCI Phospholipase A2 Receptor 1 Idiopathic Membranous Nephropathy
FC10145 DRB1*1501 NANMTWYAAIKTCLM Phospholipase A2 Receptor 1 Idiopathic Membranous Nephropathy
FC10158 DRB1*1501 ENPVVHFFKNIVTPRTP​ Myelin basic protein Multiple sclerosis
FC10159 DRB1*1501 MEVGWYRPPFSRVVHLYRNGK Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein Multiple sclerosis


Test Size  Price (EUR) Price (USD)
50 tests 1.435* 1,645*
150 tests 2.760* 3,185*
500 tests 6.575* 7,535*
1000 tests 12.495* 14,315*


* For customized products an entry fee of 575EUR / 675USD is added to evaluate each unique peptide's ability to bind to the requested MHC II allele using standardized peptide binding assays.