MHC II Dextramer®

Identify Antigen-specific CD4+ T Cells

Antigen-specific CD4+ T cells play an important role in the immune response of autoimmune disease, cancer, transplantation, infectious disease, and allergy.

MHC II Dextramer® reagents can identify antigen-specific CD4+ T-cell subsets by flow cytometry.

MHC II Dextramer reagents consist of a protein-stabilizing dextran backbone, an optimized number of MHC-peptide complexes, and fluorophores (PE, APC or FITC) or no fluorophore (None).

Immudex manufactures MHC II Dextramer reagents as listed in the table below. Customized reagents are easily made with MHC alleles from our catalog and with peptides that form stable complexes with the MHC molecule. 

Detection of DRB1*0101/EBV-specific T cells in blood sample using flow cytometry.

How to Order MHC II Dextramer®

Please send an e-mail to specifying:

  • Cat. no or the MHC allele-peptide combination of the MHC II Dextramer reagent.
    See our current list of MHC alleles
  • Fluorophore (PE, APC or FITC) or no Fluorophore (None)
  • Test sizes (50, 150, 500, 1000 tests). One test is defined as 10 µl MHC Dextramer reagent, sufficient to stain up to 1-3 x 10^6 lymphoid cells or 1-3 x 10^5 clonal antigen-specific T cells.
  • Immudex has updated the catalog numbers. To learn more about it, please consult the document here

Cat. No.

Allele Peptide Antigen Disease/Organism
FA10001 DRB1*0101 PKYVKQNTLKLAT HA Influenza
FA10002  DRB1*0101  PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag
FA10005  DRB1*0101  QEIYMQHTYPISA Tetanus Toxin Tetanus 
FA10006  DRB1*0101  LPLKMLNIPSINVH pp65 CMV 
FB10001  DRB1*0401  PKYVKQNTLKLAT HA Influenza
FB10002 DRB1*0401  PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag
FB10012 DRB1*0401  GAGSLQPLALEGSLQKRG Proinsulin Diabetes 
FB10013 DRB1*0401  IAFTSEHSHFSLK  GAD65  Diabetes 
FB10014 DRB1*0401 NFIRMVISNPAAT GAD65  Diabetes 
FD10001 DRB1*1101 PKYVKQNTLKLAT HA Influenza
FD10002  DRB1*1101 PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag
FH10002 DPB1*0401  PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag
FH10036  DPB1*0401   TQHFVQENYLEY  MAGE-A3  Cancer 
FH10037  DPB1*0401  KKYFAATQFEPLA Oxytocinase  Cancer
FI10187 HLA-DQ2.5 QLQPFPQPELPY α-I, Gliadin Celiac disease


Test Size  Price (EUR) Price (USD)
50 tests 1.349* 1,549*
150 tests 2.599* 2,999*
500 tests 6.199* 7,099*
1000 tests 10.799* 12,349*

*for customized products an entry fee of 550EUR/ 650USD is added to evaluate each unique peptide's ability to bind to the requested MHC II allele using standardized peptide binding assays. 

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