MHC II Dextramer® – Identify Antigen-Specific CD4+ T Cells

Enhanced Sensitivity for Reliable Results

Typically expressed on the surface of antigen-presenting cells, MHC II molecules dock and primes CD4+ T cells.

Antigen-specific CD4+ T cells are critical for the immune response of many diseases, given their role in recruiting and coordinating other immune cells. Often challenging to detect and stratify with standard reagents, antigen-specific CD4+ T cells are revealed through the high-avidity and enhanced sensitivity of the Dextramer® technology.

With multiple MHC-peptide complexes and fluorophores on a flexible dextran backbone, MHC II Dextramer® reagents are designed for high-resolution characterization of CD4+ T-cell responses, even with low-abundance cells and in complex matrices like blood.

Dextramer® Technology

The backbone of precision immune monitoring

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MHC II Dextramer® detects DRB1*0101/EBV-specific T cells in a blood sample via flow cytometry (internal data).

MHC II Dextramer® detects DRB1*0101/EBV-specific T cells in a blood sample via flow cytometry (internal data).

A Tool For Meticulous And Precise Research

Push the boundaries of your flow cytometry assays with MHC II Dextramer® reagents. Designed for high avidity and exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, MHC II Dextramer® reagents enable you to detect antigen-specific CD4+ T cells with confidence.

  • Get the full picture of CD4+ T-cell responses, even the low-affinity ones.
  • Ensure consistent, reproducible, and comparable results.
  • Expand the limits of your research.
  • Secure flexibility in your experiments.
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  • Fluorophore (BV421, PE, APC, FITC, or none)
  • Test size (50,150, 500, 1000 tests). One test is 10 µl reagent and sufficient to stain 1–3 x 106 lymphoid cells or 1–3 x 105 clonal antigen-specific T cells.

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For custom MHC-peptide combinations, a one-time entry fee will be required to evaluate each unique peptide's ability to bind to the requested MHC allele using standardized peptide binding assays. If the refolding process is unsuccessful, only the entry fee will be charged as we will not be able to deliver a product to you. The entry fee for custom MHC II Dextramer® reagents is 605 EUR / 710 USD.

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