Reliable Detection of Ligand-Specific MAIT cells with MR1 Dextramer® Technology

Detect, Isolate, and Validate Ligand-specific MAIT cells

Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells have a complex role in immunity but are proving attractive targets for immunotherapy. To understand their potential further, better research tools are needed.

Discover the Power of MR1 Dextramer®

With an optimized number of MR1-ligand complexes and a high number of fluorophores, MR1 Dextramer® reagents provide superior sensitivity and resolution in detecting and sorting ligand-specific MAIT cells.

Investigate the Ligand-Specific MAIT cell Response

Whether MR1 Monomers, MR1 Dextramer® or MR1 dCODE Dextramer® reagents, Immudex offers two ligands, preloaded into the MR1 Monomer:

  • 5-OP-RU: potent activator. Derived from the condensation of microbial 5-A-RU with methylglyoxal
  • 6-FP: Negative Control. A photosynthetic breakdown product of folic acid that is non-stimulatory for most MAIT cells.

Mouse MR1 reagents and custom ligand-MR1 specificities can be requested through Custom Solutions and Services.


The MR1 Product Portfolio

Immudex provides flexibility to your MAIT cell research by offering biotinylated human MR1 Monomers and MR1 dCODE Dextramer® reagents in addition to MR1 Dextramer® technology for your assay of choice.

MR1 Monomer






Optimize for Your Assay of Choice

20, 100, 200 µg

MR1 Dextramer®





In situ
Flow Cytometry
BV421, FITC, PE, APC or none
50, 150 tests

MR1 dCODE Dextramer®


Single-cell Multi-omics

25, 50 tests

Reagents to Address Challenges in Expansion

Optimize ligand-specific MAIT cell stimulation, activation, and expansion in preclinical testing of MAIT cell therapy using MR1 Dextramer® reagents.

  • Flow cytometry


  • Validate target expression and transduction efficiency
  • Determine MAIT cell number and transduction efficiency to ensure optimal dosage
  • Analyze expansion phenotype (+antibodies)
  • Investigate proliferation (+proliferation dye)
  • Document stimulation-induced activation (+antibodies)

No Compromises on Performance

MR1 Dextramer® reagents detect 5-OP-RU specific MAIT cells with high sensitivity and resolution whether the fluorophore is BV421, FITC, PE, or APC and with minimal background independent of the specificity used. Ligand-specific MAIT cells were gated in the live cell population, single cells, CD3+ CD161+, and in MR1 Dextramer®+ gate.

Push the Limits of Your Research with MR1 Dextramer® Technology

Dextramer® technology provides better research tools to:

  • Detect ligand-specific MAIT cells with great precision. Investigate ligand specificity with great sensitivity and resolution for a better understanding of MAIT cell ligand recognition, function, and regulation in different disease stages when combined with phenotypic analysis
  • Understand ligand-specific MAIT cell function. Combined with cell surface markers, investigate MAIT cell phenotype, activity, and function for better insights
  • Validate target recognition. Validate MAIT cell target interaction or validate target recognition of new therapies like monoclonal antibodies using MR1 Dextramer® for more targeted and effective treatments.

Discover reagents for investigating other non-conventional T cells

HLA-E and HLA-G Dextramer®

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CD1d Dextramer®

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No Compromises on Quality

We strive to ensure that our products are synonymous with quality. Our products undergo multiple quality checks during production and on finished goods to provide you with the highest quality MR1 Monomers or MR1 Dextramer® reagents.

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The staining procedure for MR1 Dextramer® is described in the MHC Dextramer® staining procedure.

Find the protocol here!

Order MR1 Dextramer® Reagents

You can use the webshop below to order your MR1 Dextramer® reagent online. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] specifying information on: 

  • Your preferred reagent format: MR1 Dextramer® 
  • Your preferred ligand; 6-FP and 5-OP-RU 
  • Your preferred dye:  BV421, FITC, PE, APC, or none
  • Test size 


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Do you have questions about the MR1 Dextramer® technology, implementing our technology into your experimental workflow, protocol optimization, or data analysis and interpretation?

Our technical support team consists of highly skilled scientists that are here to empower you to improve your results, provide you with the tools for success, and share our expertise.

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