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Unravel Immunity Beyond T Cells with Your Customized Klickmer®

Reliable Dextramer® technology combined with tailorable opportunities for boundless research insights

Based on the Dextramer® technology adapted to carry multiple universal acceptor sites, Klickmer® reagents offer unprecedented avidity for any well-defined binding target.

Combine Klickmer® reagents with your choice of biotinylated molecules to create tailored multimers that efficiently bind B cells, cancer cells, infected cells, and much more. Klickmer® reagents are available unlabeled or fluorescently labeled with PE, FITC, or APC.


A Multipurpose Reagent for Previously Undetectable Targets


  • Customized, sensitive, and efficient detection of your target of choice
  • Attach your biotinylated molecule of choice to Klickmer®
  • Features the stability and specificity characteristic of the Dextramer® technology
  • Enables high-resolution detection in numerous applications
  • With short production turnaround time, saves time searching and sourcing reagents

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Customizable detection of any immune cells

Klickmer® Applications

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The Many Uses of Klickmer® Reagents

With optimized loading capacity, Klickmer® reagents facilitate the detection of conventional and non-conventional cell populations via flow cytometry and in-situ staining.  

Klickmer® reagents are further available for sequencing and single-cell analysis. Modified with the addition of metal chelates or lanthanides, Klickmer® reagents can also enable detection by mass cytometry.  

To Date, Klickmer® Reagents Have Been Used For:


  • Molecular vaccine design
  • Validation of peptide binding to MHC
  • Detection of low-affinity targets, receptors, or cells
  • Designing multivalent, high-affinity detection molecules
  • Attaching peptides, antibodies, receptors, ligands, etc.


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Order Klickmer® Reagents

To order, please contact our ordering team specifying your selection of fluorochrome and product volume, or alternatively place your order via our webshop below.

Fluorochrome Cat. Number Volume Price (EUR) Price (USD)
Klickmer®-PE/APC/FITC/none DX01K-PE/APC/FITC/NONE 60 µL 950 995
    200 µL 2,700 3.085
    1000 µL 5,625 6.490
    2000 µL 9,735 10.815

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