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Klickmer® is a Dextramer® backbone, carrying multiple acceptor sites, enabling binding of a high number of biotinylated molecules to generate high avidity multimers, displaying the molecule of choice. Klickmer® reagents can be fluorescently labeled (PE/FITC/APC) or unlabelled. 

Klickmer® is also available in a DNA barcode labeled version, dCODE® Klickmer, for multi-omics analysis. Find out more about dCODE® Klickmer

Klickmer® Applications

Any biotinylated molecule can be attached to a Klickmer®. This multipurpose tool serves a range of applications and can help address diverse needs in research and development.

  • Highly sensitive detection of antigen-specific T cells and B cells
  • Simulation of antigen presentation
  • Identification of ligands for low-affinity interactions
  • Isolation of specific cell populations
  • Amplification of the signal on your cell populations

Additionally, using MHC-Klickmer reagent, it is possible to create a Dextramer® reagent simultaneously displaying peptide-loaded MHC complexes and other molecules of choice (Ref. 10). For more information about MHC-Klickmer reagents, please contact us.

How to Order Klickmer®

For Klickmer® and MHC Klickmer®, define your choice of fluorochrome and volume and send an email to ordering@immudex.com

Immudex has updated the catalog numbers. To learn more about it, please consult the document here

Fluorochrome Cat. Number Volume Price (EUR) Price (USD)
Klickmer-PE/APC/FITC/none DX01-PE/APC/FITC/none 200 µl 2.499 2,849
    1000 µl 5.199 5,999
    2000 µl 8.999 9,999

To order dCODE® Klickmer, please send an email to customer@immudex.com


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