Unravel Immunity Beyond T Cells with Your Customized Klickmer®

Reliable Dextramer® technology combined with tailorable opportunities for boundless research insights

Based on the Dextramer® technology adapted to carry multiple universal acceptor sites, Klickmer® reagents offer unprecedented avidity for any well-defined binding target.

Combine Klickmer® reagents with your choice of biotinylated molecules to create tailored multimers that efficiently bind B cells, cancer cells, infected cells, and much more. Klickmer® reagents are available unlabeled or fluorescently labeled with PE, FITC, or APC.


A Multipurpose Reagent for Previously Undetectable Targets


  • Customized, sensitive, and efficient detection of your target of choice
  • Attach your biotinylated molecule of choice to Klickmer®
  • Features the stability and specificity characteristic of the Dextramer® technology
  • Enables high-resolution detection in numerous applications
  • With short production turnaround time, saves time searching and sourcing reagents

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Customizable detection of any immune cells

Klickmer® Applications

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The Many Uses of Klickmer® Reagents

With optimized loading capacity, Klickmer® reagents facilitate the detection of conventional and non-conventional cell populations via flow cytometry and in-situ staining.  

Klickmer® reagents are further available for sequencing and single-cell analysis. Modified with the addition of metal chelates or lanthanides, Klickmer® reagents can also enable detection by mass cytometry.  

To Date, Klickmer® Reagents Have Been Used For:


  • Molecular vaccine design
  • Validation of peptide binding to MHC
  • Detection of low-affinity targets, receptors, or cells
  • Designing multivalent, high-affinity detection molecules
  • Attaching peptides, antibodies, receptors, ligands, etc.


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To order, please send an email to ordering@immudex.com specifying your selection of fluorochrome and product volume.

Fluorochrome Cat. Number Volume Price (EUR) Price (USD)
Klickmer®-PE/APC/FITC/none DX01K-PE/APC/FITC/NONE 60 µL 925 975
    200 µL 2.625  2,995
    1000 µL 5.460 6,300
    2000 µL 9.450 10,500

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