Challenge the Limits of Immune Monitoring

Explore how Dextramer® technology can advance a diverse range of applications and disease areas.

Discover Applications of Dextramer® Technology 

Dextramer® technology can provide insights in a diverse range of applications – from the development of cell therapies and vaccines, to TCR and antibody discovery. Learn how our newest TCR Dextramer® technology can help you to understand the efficacy of cancer immunotherapies or control the quality of cancer vaccines.

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Explore Disease Areas

Dextramer® technology enables in-depth examination of disease-specific immunity. Precision immune monitoring can lead to important advances in a range of disease areas – from cancer to infectious and auto-immune diseases.

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Scientific Resources


Find a selection of the latest publications featuring Dextramer® solutions.

Educational Material

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Listen to the latest advancements in the field of cellular immune monitoring.