Challenge the Limits of Immune Monitoring

The resolution and sensitivity of Immudex Dextramer® and dCODE® technologies allow in-depth examination of disease-specific immunity. This precise immune monitoring reveals granular details about the composition of the cellular immune response, how immunity changes over time, and how it is impacted by therapeutic treatments.

Focus on Insights

Cellular Immune Monitoring

Cellular Immune Monitoring

Sensitively quantify target immune cells by flow cytometry with a strong signal-to-noise ratio

Single-cell multi-omics

Single-cell Multi-omics

Discover and characterize antigen-specific T-cell epitopes at single-cell resolution

In-situ immune monitoring

In-Situ Immune Monitoring

Track the spatial distribution of antigen-specific immune cells in tissue by direct or indirect staining

Clinical Reagents

Clinical Grade Reagents

Source GMP-grade reagents for monitoring of one or more epitope-specific immune cell populations

Focus on Disease​

Immuno Oncology


Understand how treatments impact immune response and uncover markers of successful outcomes

Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease

Informed research on disease progression and vaccines, including novel viruses like SARS-CoV-2



Find signatures of immune cell activity that reveal mechanisms of autoimmune conditions



Evaluate immune reconstitution in transplant patients

Antibody Discovery

Identification of B-cell specificities for antibody discovery used to be a lengthy and costly process. Find out how using dCODE® Klickmer can replace other methods in an overall workflow to identify possible BCR specificities and their applications in antibody discovery. ​


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Insights Powered by Immudex

Over the years, Immudex technology has enabled scientific insights that have advanced both our fundamental understanding of immunity and real-world applications of that knowledge. Explore our reference collection to see the achievements of Immudex customers.


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