TCR Solutions to Advance Your Research

Immudex produces your TCR candidates, either as Soluble TCR Monomers or as TCR Dextramer® reagents. TCR Solutions are offered as part of our Custom Solutions and Services, led by our dedicated team of experts.

Successful TCR or T cell-based immunotherapy development requires sensitive and reliable tools

Through our TCR Solutions, we offer custom TCR Dextramer® reagents and Soluble TCR Monomers. Provide us with your candidate TCR and we will build your TCR Solution with many applications, like:

  • Cross-reactivity screening
  • TCR-like antibody applications
  • Quantification of Antigen-Presenting Cells (APCs)
  • Cell therapy e.g. TCR-T and CAR-T
  • Analysis of TCR-pMHC complex interaction and affinity
  • Validation and characterization of candidate TCRs
  • Quality control of peptide or cell-based vaccines
  • Monitoring target expression during treatment
  • Patient stratification

Soluble TCR Monomers

Produced by expressing and refolding the TCR α and beta β chains. Soluble TCR Monomers are manufactured based on your candidate TCR sequences and undergo rigorous quality control to confirm specificity and functionality.

  • 20 µg, 100 µg, and 200 µg*

TCR Dextramer®

Our experts combine your soluble TCR Monomers with the Dextramer® dextran backbone, enabling the reliable detection of pMHC complexes by flow cytometry or in-situ staining with high sensitivity.

  • 50, 150, or 500 tests*
  • FITC, PE, or APC

*Larger test sizes are available upon request.

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TCR Dextramer® staining protocol

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Tips on staining optimization?

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Quality Controlled for Specificity and Functionality

Immudex’ TCR Solutions are under strict quality control and functional testing, thus making it the safe choice for your research.

SDS-PAGE gel confirms TCR alpha and beta chains are present at the correct sizes.

Testing functionality and specificity of TCR Solutions by generating TCR Dextramer® reagents and analyzing them by flow cytometry.

  • Orange peak = negative control pMHC (irrelevant pMHC that should not interact with the TCR Dextramer®)
  • Blue peak = the shift indicates the binding of the TCR Dextramer® to its cognate pMHC

NY-ESO-1 TCR Dextramer®

NY-ESO-1 TCR Dextramer® and NY-ESO-1 Soluble TCR Monomer – an ideal model for method setup and optimization

We offer ready-to-use NY-ESO-1 TCR Dextramer® reagents and NY-ESO-1 Soluble TCR Monomer for easy method optimization before you receive your TCR Solution.

NY-ESO-1 TCR Dextramer® or Soluble TCR Monomer

  • Specificity: SLLMWITQV
  • Clone: HA1 (affinity: 48 pM) or LA1 (affinity: 32 µM)
  • Cognate MHC: HLA-A*0201

NY-ESO-1 TCR Dextramer®

  • Label: PE
  • 50T
  • 150T*

NY-ESO-1 Soluble TCR Monomer

  • Label: biotin
  • 20 µg
  • 100 µg*

We can also provide you with the cognate MHC Monomer and MHC Dextramer®.

Discover MHC Dextramer®

*Larger test sizes are available upon request.

Support and Guidance from Start to Finish

TCR Solutions consist of different phases designed to meet the success criteria of your research, including the design of relevant TCR construct(s), protein expression, quality control, and final production of your Soluble TCR Monomers or TCR Dextramer® reagents. Our Custom Solutions and Services experts will accompany you through every phase of the project.

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