dCODE Dextramer®

T-cell Monitoring with the Power of Multiplexing

Combining the quality of traditional MHC Dextramer® with the multiplexing power of DNA barcodes,
dCODE Dextramer® enables high-throughput screening of multiple T-cell specificities in the same sample

Select the dCODE Dextramer® product that fits your research and get a deeper understanding of the immune response:

dCODE Dextramer® (HiT)
for epitope discovery, neoantigen screening, clinical immune monitoring, and patient stratification

dCODE Dextramer® (10x compatible)
for multi-omics analysis of antigen-specific T cells and TCR sequencing using 10x Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression

dCODE Dextramer® (RiO)
for multi-omics analysis of antigen-specific T cells and gene expression profiling using the BD RhapsodyTM Single-Cell Analysis System

dCODE® Klickmer
for detection of T cells, B cells, and other applications by creating a customized dCODE Dextramer® solution

dCODE Dextramer® adds a unique DNA barcode to the MHC Dextramer® reagent to detect antigen-specific T cells using PCR, followed by next-generation sequencing.

  • High-avidity binding to T-cell receptors thanks to multiple MHC-peptide complexes
  • High-throughput screening with a unique barcode for each MHC-peptide specificity
  • Enrichment of low-frequency cells thanks to PE fluorochromes
  • Compatible with single-cell gene expression analysis


Discover the dCODE Dextramer® Products

High-throughput Screening - dCODE Dextramer® (HiT)

Single Cell Multi-omics - dCODE Dextramer® (10X)

Single Cell Multi-omics - dCODE Dextramer® (RiO)

Apply dCODE Dextramer® technology for Vaccine Development

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