dCODE® Klickmer

Create Your Own dCODE Dextramer® to Investigate New Cell Subsets

dCODE® Klickmer applies the sensitivity and multiplexing capacity of dCODE Dextramer beyond T-cell research.

dCODE Klickmer is a dCODE Dextramer backbone carrying multiple acceptor sites, enabling binding of biotinylated molecules to generate a high avidity multimer, displaying your molecule of choice. dCODE Klickmer carries a unique DNA barcode, coding for the molecule displayed on the Dextramer and a PE-label for cell enrichment. The molecule displayed on the dCODE Klickmer can be identified by PCR and sequencing of the attached DNA barcode.

dCODE Klickmer is available in two formats: HiT, for bulk analysis of antigen-specific cells, and 10x compatible, for single cell analysis of antigen-specific cells.

dCODE®Klickmer Applications

Any biotinylated molecule can be attached to a dCODE Klickmer. This multipurpose tool serves a range of applications and can help address diverse needs in research and development.

  • Highly sensitive detection of antigen-specific T cells and B cells
  • Identification of ligands for low-affinity interactions
  • Isolation of specific cell populations

How to Order dCODE® Klickmer

Please send an email to ordering@immudex.com, specifying:

  • if you are interested in single reagents or panels
  • the volume and number of specificities (number of different dCODE Klickmer reagents, each carrying a specific DNA oligo barcode)
  Volume Number of Specificities
Single Reagent 30, 60 or 180 µl 1-15
Panel 30 or 60 µl 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 96 x n

For dCODE Klickmer price information, please contact customer@immudex.com

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