Precision Immune Monitoring in Cell Therapy

Explore how Dextramer® reagents support the development and manufacturing of effective cell therapies.

Monitor Antigen Specificity

Specificity can be key to successful immune cell therapy. Immudex provides high-quality Dextramer® reagents that enable precision cellular immune monitoring of antigen-specific cells for advanced cell therapy.

Reagents for Development and Manufacturing

Immudex is committed to providing sensitive Dextramer® reagents for precise detection, isolation, and validation of antigen-specific cells in cell therapy development and manufacturing.

Clinical Grade Reagents

Immudex provides high-quality GMP Dextramer® reagents that meet authoritative standards for production and manufacturing of cell therapy products.

Specificity can be Key to Successful Immune Cell Therapy

Immudex provides high-quality Dextramer® reagents that enable precision cellular immune monitoring of antigen-specific cells.

Dextramer® technology can characterize and validate antigen-specific cell therapy products with high resolution during development, manufacturing, and release testing.

Develop and Manufacture Cell Therapies with Dextramer® Technology 

Explore Case Studies – Applications of Dextramer® Technology in Cell Therapy

Screening for Cross-Reactivity and Validation of Peptide-Centric CAR-T Cells for Neuroblastoma using MHC Dextramer®

Assessing the HLA-Specificity of CAR-T Cells with MHC I Dextramer® Reagents​

Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Line-Based Vaccine Primes and Expands Antitumor T Cells in Melanoma Patients

A TCR-Accepting T-Cell Platform to Profile Tumor-Specific T-Cell Receptors​

Identifying Shared Tumor Epitopes from Endogenous Retroviruses for High-Avidity Cytotoxic TILs using MHC Dextramer®​

Cancer Neoepitopes for Immunotherapy: Strategies for Adoptive T-Cell Therapy​

Identification of Epitopes that Pose as Attractive Targets for Vaccination and Other T-Cell Therapies with Klickmer®

Assessment of the safety and efficacy of a novel vaccine in high-grade glioma patients with Dextramer®

Exploring Neoantigen Cancer Vaccines in Combination with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Using MHC Dextramer®​

Dextramer® Reagents Enable TCR Discovery 

Immudex provides a range of ready-to-use, customizable, and peptide-receptive Dextramer® reagents enabling the discovery, characterization, and isolation of TCRs with therapeutic value across different platforms, including in-situ, flow cytometry, NGS, and single-cell multiomics.  

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TCR Solutions

Immudex offers TCR Solutions providing Soluble TCR Monomers and TCR Dextramer® reagents to enable the quantification of Antigen-Presenting Cells, validation of TCR candidates, and other applications within CAR-T and TCR-T therapy.

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