Precision Immune Monitoring in Cell Therapy

Explore how Dextramer® reagents support the development and manufacturing of effective cell therapies.

Monitor Antigen Specificity

Specificity can be key to successful immune cell therapy. Immudex provides high-quality Dextramer® reagents that enable precision cellular immune monitoring of antigen-specific cells for advanced cell therapy.

Reagents for Development and Manufacturing

Immudex is committed to providing sensitive Dextramer® reagents for precise detection, isolation, and validation of antigen-specific cells in cell therapy development and manufacturing.

Clinical Grade Reagents

Immudex provides high-quality GMP Dextramer® reagents that meet authoritative standards for production and manufacturing of cell therapy products.

Assessing the HLA-Specificity of CAR-T Cells with MHC I Dextramer® Reagents​

Cancer Neoepitopes for Immunotherapy: Strategies for Adoptive T-Cell Therapy​

A TCR-Accepting T-Cell Platform to Profile Tumor-Specific T-Cell Receptors​

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