Maximize the Potential of Cell Therapy​

Explore how Dextramer® reagents support the development and manufacturing of effective cellular immunotherapies.

Monitor Antigen Specificity

Specificity can be key to successful immune cell therapy. Immudex provides high-quality Dextramer® reagents that enable precision cellular immune monitoring of antigen-specific cells for advanced cell therapy.

Reagents for Development and Manufacturing

Immudex is committed to providing sensitive Dextramer® reagents for precise detection, isolation, and validation of antigen-specific cells in cell therapy development and manufacturing.

Clinical Grade Reagents

Immudex provides high-quality GMP Dextramer® reagents that meet authoritative standards for production and manufacturing of cell therapy products.

Webinar: Discover and Validate TCR Candidates with Dextramer® Technology  

Finding the right TCR for immunotherapy can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. In this webinar, our Senior Research Scientist and TCR expert Thomas Holberg Blicher guides you through the latest techniques and tools for identifying candidate TCRs and how those TCRs can be used to investigate binding and target expression in cells.

TCR-T Cell Therapy

Explore the wide range of cellular immunotherapies, including approved therapies, and learn more about TCR-based immunotherapies and the diseases to which they are applied. We highlight why a thorough understanding of the antigen-specific interaction is critical for the development of effective TCR-T therapeutics, and explain how Immudex’s products including Dextramer® technology and TCR Solutions can support the development and manufacturing of these therapies.


Specificity can be Key to Successful Immune Cell Therapy

Immudex provides high-quality Dextramer® reagents that enable precision cellular immune monitoring of antigen-specific cells.

Dextramer® technology can characterize and validate antigen-specific cell therapy products with high resolution during development, manufacturing, and release testing.

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Develop and Manufacture TCR-T Cell Therapies with Dextramer® Technology 


CAR-T Therapy

Klickmer® technology enables the creation of customized multimers that bind with high avidity to your target of choice. This technology may help to directly detect and quantify CAR-T cells with high sensitivity. Barcode enabled dCODE Klickmer® reagents allow in-depth characterization of CAR-T cells.


Explore Case Studies – Applications of Dextramer® Technology in Cell Therapy

Screening for Cross-Reactivity and Validation of Peptide-Centric CAR-T Cells for Neuroblastoma using MHC Dextramer®

Assessing the HLA-Specificity of CAR-T Cells with MHC I Dextramer® Reagents​

Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Line-Based Vaccine Primes and Expands Antitumor T Cells in Melanoma Patients

A TCR-Accepting T-Cell Platform to Profile Tumor-Specific T-Cell Receptors​

Identifying Shared Tumor Epitopes from Endogenous Retroviruses for High-Avidity Cytotoxic TILs using MHC Dextramer®​

Cancer Neoepitopes for Immunotherapy: Strategies for Adoptive T-Cell Therapy​

Identification of Epitopes that Pose as Attractive Targets for Vaccination and Other T-Cell Therapies with Klickmer®

Assessment of the safety and efficacy of a novel vaccine in high-grade glioma patients with Dextramer®

Exploring Neoantigen Cancer Vaccines in Combination with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Using MHC Dextramer®​

Dextramer® Reagents Enable TCR Discovery 

Immudex provides a range of ready-to-use, customizable, and peptide-receptive Dextramer® reagents enabling the discovery, characterization, and isolation of TCRs with therapeutic value across different platforms, including in-situ, flow cytometry, NGS, and single-cell multiomics.  

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TCR Solutions

Immudex offers TCR Solutions providing Soluble TCR Monomers and TCR Dextramer® reagents to enable the quantification of Antigen-Presenting Cells, validation of TCR candidates, and other applications within CAR-T and TCR-T therapy.

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