Challenge the Limits of Immune Monitoring​

Explore how Dextramer® technology can advance a diverse range of applications – from the development of cell therapies and vaccines, to TCR and antibody discovery. Learn how innovative TCR Dextramer® technology can help you to understand the efficacy of cancer immunotherapies or control the quality of cancer vaccines.

Focus on Insights

Cell Therapy

The key to developing the next generation of cell therapies includes understanding the interaction between T cells and antigen-presenting cells. Explore how Dextramer® technology can aid in target discovery in addition to detection, isolation, and validation of antigen-specific cells in cell therapy development and GMP manufacturing.

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Vaccine Development

Explore how Dextramer® reagents can help you monitor antigen-specific immune cells.

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A deeper understanding of viral-specific T-cell responses to COVID-19 is needed to explore vaccine responses, long-term immunity, predict patients at risk, and even prepare for the next pandemic.

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Antibody Discovery

Identification of B-cell specificities for antibody discovery used to be a lengthy and costly process. Find out how using dCODE® Klickmer can replace other methods in an overall workflow to identify possible BCR specificities and their applications in antibody discovery. ​

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Reliable Detection of Peptide-MHC Complexes with TCR Dextramer®

Get your soluble T-cell receptor (TCR) or your TCR Dextramer® molecule with the benefits and quality of the Dextramer® technology, displaying your chosen TCR on it. Provide us with your TCR sequences or find it out in your lab using dCODE Dextramer® single-cell multi-omics, and we will build it for you. Find out more by contacting us at [email protected]

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Focus on Methods

Cellular Immune Monitoring

Cellular Immune Monitoring

Sensitively quantify target immune cells by flow cytometry with a strong signal-to-noise ratio

Single-cell multi-omics

Single-cell Multi-omics

Discover and characterize antigen-specific T-cell epitopes at single-cell resolution

In-situ immune monitoring

In-Situ Immune Monitoring

Track the spatial distribution of antigen-specific immune cells in tissue by direct or indirect staining

Clinical Reagents

Clinical Grade Reagents

Source GMP-grade reagents for monitoring of one or more epitope-specific immune cell populations