Building a Community of Proficiency in Cellular Immune Monitoring


Science is collaborative, and knowledge emerges from scientific communities driven to unravel the complexity of the immune response.

Immudex is working together with scientists and clinicians worldwide to helping to push the boundaries of their research.

We have collected different scientific and educational material to help you find answers to your questions.

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Product-Related Information

MHC Alleles List

Our list of available alleles is constantly expanding. Find the latest here. 

Protocols and Spec Sheets

Get ready. Find the optimized protocols for the different reagents.

Product Flyers

Find the main information for our products and services in a downloadable document.

Dextramer® Controls

Couple your Dextramer® reagents with the right positive and negative controls.

Finding Answers to Your Questions

Tips and Tricks

Find a collection of various Tips and Tricks to optimize your experiment.


Consult our extensive list of the most frequently asked questions.

Safety Documentation

Explanation on symbols used on product labels and required safety documentation.


Learn how we strive to ensure that our products are synonymous with quality.

Scientific Resources


Find a selection of the latest publications featuring Dextramer® solutions.

Educational Material

Find a selection of posters, case studies, and application notes.


Listen to the latest advancements in the field of cellular immune monitoring.

Immudex Blog

Gain insights from our more than 10 years’ experience in precision immune monitoring.