About Us

About Us

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with North American operations based in Fairfax, Virginia, Immudex is a fast-growing life science company, providing solutions for immune monitoring within cancer immuno-therapy, transplantation, infectious disease, and autoimmunity.

With an off-set in Immudex' proprietary Dextramer® and dCODE Dextramer® technologies, we develop and market research reagents and assay solutions, enabling researchers and clinicians to measure disease-specific immunity. All Immudex products are produced to the highest standards, resulting in reproducible monitoring over time. GMP grade and diagnostic Dextramer reagents are available and currently in use within the USA and Europe. Under an agreement with the US Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIC) and the European Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIMT), Immudex also provides MHC Multimer and Elispot proficiency panel services worldwide.

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