T-cell ELISpot Proficiency Testing

Originally developed at the initiative of CIC (the US Cancer Immuno-therapy Consortium of the CRI) and CIMT (the European Association for Cancer Immunotherapy), Immudex offers Proficiency Testing as a non-profit service to help researchers and clinicians worldwide evaluate and benchmark their immune monitoring performance with T-cell ELISpot assays.

Using laboratory-specific protocols, plates, and plate reader, participants determine the number of IFN-γ secreting antigen-specific T cells in provided PBMC samples using ELISpot and receive a report comparing the results from all participating laboratories.

What You Receive

PBMC samples: identical for all participants
Peptide pools: PepMix™ HCMV (pp65) + CEFX Ultra SuperStim Pool
Negative control reagent
Assay instructions

What You Measure

Spot count per well after stimulation with either a peptide pool or a negative control reagent​

T-cell ELISpot Proficiency Testing Service – step-by-step


Registration opens February 2023​








JPT’s PepMixTM HCMVA (pp65), CEFX Ultra SuperStim Pool and a negative control reagent

Assay instructions

Use your own protocol to analyze PBMC samples according to the instructions Report your results back to Immudex Get a report with all participants' performance

Proficiency Performance 2021

In the ELISpot Proficiency Panel 2021, all laboratories received identical PBMC samples for identification of IFN-γ secreting antigen-specific T-cells, and results were collated to assess the relative accuracy of results across the different laboratories. 13 of the 29 participants (44,8%) had a relative accuracy of between 0.66-1.5 and are considered to be “in the average range” (dark purple columns).

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JPT Peptide Technologies sponsors peptide pools used in the ELISpot assays.

Mabtech conducts quality control of the PBMC samples before these are shipped to participants.