Every Successful Research Journey Begins With High-Quality Tools

The complete Immudex portfolio of products for precision cellular immunology research is based on the unique Dextramer® technology. With smart design and manufactured under strict quality control, each reagent and panel affords high avidity, robust detection, and flexible utility – core features of Immudex products that scientists worldwide rely on.

Our research products are used in flow cytometry, in-situ staining, NGS, and single-cell multi-omics applications. They reveal new insights into epitope discovery and cellular immune monitoring as well as unravel the complex interactions among T cells, B cells, non-conventional T cells, and more. The possibilities are limitless as the questions researchers explore.

Push Boundaries. Explore Further. Investigate the Full Cellular Immune Response​

MHC I Dextramer®

Identify antigen-specific CD8+ T cells

MHC II Dextramer®

Identify antigen-specific CD4+ T cells

CD1d Dextramer®

Reveal insights and identify CD1d restricted NKT cells

Disease Dextramer® Panels

Monitor immune cells in cancer & infections

Dextramer® In-Situ Staining

Visualize tissue-specific immunity

dCODE Dextramer®

Investigate down to single-cell level


Explore immunity beyond T cells

U-Load Dextramer®

Build your own Dextramer® reagents

Let the Latest Discoveries Inspire Your Research

Immudex technology has enabled scientific discoveries that have advanced our fundamental understanding of immunity and real-world applications of that knowledge. Explore our reference collection to see the achievements of Immudex customers.


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