Accurate Antibody Discovery with dCODE® Klickmer 

dCODE® Klickmer Reagents Identify Antigen-Specific B cells at Single-Cell Level for Antibody Discovery 
Data provided by Symphogen, a Servier Company. Written by Immudex.

Antibodies against foreign antigens are critical components of the overall immune response and can facilitate pathogen clearance during primary infection. Sensitive detection and characterization of antigen-specific B cells are crucial for therapeutic antibody discovery.

Nevertheless, these types of analyses are currently hampered by the lack of technologies allowing comprehensive multiplexed detection of antigen-specific B cells.

The study describes the use of dCODE® Klickmer for customized, sensitive, and multiplexed detection of antigen-specific B cells in antibody discovery.

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We demonstrate the power of dCODE® Klickmer in mapping the specific B-cell response to:

  • Assess the specificities of 2000 murine lymph node derived B cells using a next-generation sequencing and custom-produced Protein-X dCODE® Klickmer in just one workflow
  • Develop novel experimental and analytical approaches that ensure fast and reliable identification of antigen-specific B cells
  • Uncover BCR sequences at single-cell resolution for identification of antibodies with Protein-X binding potential
  • Help facilitate a greater understanding of the antigen-specific B-cell response and its applications in the discovery of therapeutic antibodies


  • dCODE® Klickmer allowed identification of 40 Protein-X specific antibodies. Of the identified antibodies, 55% were validated as true Protein-X binders with binding affinity ranging from sub-nanomolar to approximately 400 nM
  • For the first time, dCODE® Klickmer in combination with 10x 5´Feature Barcoding Technology was applied to antibody discovery
  • dCODE® Klickmer provides a faster and cost-effective alternative to classical methods used today for antibody discovery


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