How Well Do You Perform Immune Monitoring?

We would like to help ensure a high level of immune monitoring skills within the global research community. To this end, we have been proudly managing benchmark testing for researchers and clinicians worldwide since 2013. We offer proficiency testing as a service to those laboratories interested in evaluating their immune monitoring performance with the MHC multimer and T-cell ELISpot assays.

Strengthen Our Community of Proficiency

Become part of this global effort to align immune monitoring and advance insights with high-quality data.

CLIA and ISO 15189 certification
support your accreditation process

Boost your credibility
with sponsors and regulatory agencies

Ensure alignment
with collaborators (e.g., multicenter trials)

Identify staff training
or protocol optimization needs

Evaluate and benchmark
your immune monitoring performance against fellow researchers and clinicians worldwide

Leverage a proficiency testing service
endorsed by leading scientific consortia

”This is great for us, as we want to know how we perform, using this technique”.

Scientist from an immune monitoring Laboratory
“We have already participated in your Proficiency testing in the last years and would be very happy to participate this year, too”.

Scientist within transfusion medicine
“This is a valuable program for us. It's great to have the report to check our data against”.

Scientist from a contract service provider

How It Works

We invite laboratories around the world to participate in two different proficiency tests annually.

MHC Multimer Proficiency Testing

Assess your proficiency in enumerating antigen-specific CD8+ T-cells in provided PBMC samples using MHC multimer reagents and flow cytometry.

T-cell ELISpot Proficiency Testing

Assess your proficiency in quantifying IFN-ᵞ secreting antigen-specific T cells in provided PBMC samples as a per-well spot count after stimulation.

Participating is Simple – Just Sign Up.

A test cycle takes 4 months to report delivery and results are anonymous.







Quickly register to participate in a test cycle. Your name and affiliation are kept anonymous All participants receive identical PBMC samples to analyze Use your lab-specific protocols to process the PBMC samples according to instructions Report your results back to Immudex Receive a full report on the test cycle with anonymized performance of all participants

The US Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium of the Cancer Research Institute (CIC of CRI) and the European Association for Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT) established the proficiency testing program as an external validation of assay performance and driver of harmonization.
In 2013, these organizations chose to give Immudex the responsibility of coordinating all aspects of the proficiency testing. Since then, Immudex has carried out this service annually and we remain committed to providing this assistance to the scientific community.

Why Give the Mandate to Immudex? 

"Immudex has been an active partner and valued collaborator in our panel activities. Their continuation of the panel program will allow CIC and CIMT to start projects that aim at improving the performance of new assays and to investigate efficient approaches to maintain the integrity of samples obtained from donors participating in clinical trials."

Sylvia Janetzki, coordinator of the CIC Assay Working Group and President of ZellNet Consulting

"Our [CIMT Immunoguiding Program (CIP)] expectation is that the T-cell community will benefit from a regular feedback about their immune assay performance relative to their peers, together making immunological monitoring a sharper tool to guide the clinical development of innovative immunotherapies."

Cedrik Britten, CIMT member and Chief Medical Officer at Immatics Biotechnologies