AstraZeneca Seminar: Pioneering Tools for Antigen-Specific Immunology


Immudex LLC is a pioneering life science company empowering researchers worldwide with reliable tools for precision immune monitoring.

In this unique seminar, exclusively for AstraZeneca, we will present some of our newest, upcoming technologies including:

  • Artificial Antigen-Presenting Scaffolds for stimulating, activating and expanding antigen-specific T cells
  • Dextramer®-based tools for precise and adaptable CAR Detection
  • Ready-to-use TCR Dextramer® reagents and soluble TCR monomers for model TCRs

Register to secure your place, in-person attendees are limited to a maximum of 55.

Date: 27 March, 2024

Time: 12pm – 1pm EDT

Location: AstraZeneca building, 1 Medimmune Way, Gaithersburg, Maryland 

(Max 55 in-person attendees)

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AstraZeneca employees only

Meet the Team

Christopher A. Chuckran, PhD

Immune Monitoring Specialist