Partnership on Immune Profiling Multi-Omics Data Analysis Services Announced by Immudex and Ardigen

Immudex and Ardigen are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership providing Immune Profiling Multi-Omics Data Analysis Services to the pharmaceutical industry, in particular the single-cell multi-omics analysis of antigen-specific immune cells.

Immudex provides DNA barcoded dCODE® reagents for the single-cell analysis multi-omics analysis of antigen-specific B and T cells. dCODE® reagents link BCR/TCR sequences to the cognate antigen/peptide- MHC complex and can be combined with analysis of gene expression and surface protein expression for a comprehensive understanding of the adaptive immune response at single cell resolution.

Ardigen, a world-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) Contract Research Organization, stands at the forefront of enabling AI transformation for the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Using advanced platforms and expertise, Ardigen transforms multi-omics datasets into ready-to-use scientific insights, increasing the probability of success in precision medicine and drug development.

Through this partnership, Immudex and Ardigen offer Immune Profiling Multi-Omics Data Analysis services to clients within the pharmaceutical industry. This enables analysis of TCR and BCR clonotypes, and holistic characterization of the phenotype of individual immune cells, linking antigen specificity, gene expression and surface markers.

Henrik Pfundheller, CCO of Immudex, comments “Immune profiling using single-cell multi-omics creates a wealth of data. Analyzing and integrating immunology and genomics datasets can be challenging, but it is vitally important for the development of cancer vaccines and immunotherapies. We are pleased to partner with Ardigen to enable customers to outsource the analysis of their dCODE® datasets to a reliable service provider.”

Michał Warchoł, CTO of Ardigen, comments “the partnership with Immudex enables clients to receive expert advice when designing their immune profiling experiments and be assured that their datasets will be comprehensively analyzed using our robust data analysis platform. Proper data pre-processing, QC and normalization are all crucial to be able to successfully analyze and interpret the data”.

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dCODE® reagents are available for the analysis of antigen-specific CD8+ T cells, CD4+ T cells and B cells, as well as non-conventional T cells (MAIT cells and iNKT cells). Based on the Dextramer® technology, the high-avidity dCODE® reagents ensure even rare or low-affinity immune cells are analyzed. From high-throughput screening to monitoring of selected targeted antigen specificities, dCODE® is compatible with BD Rhapsody™ and 10x Chromium platforms.

Ardigen provides a broad range of services including small molecule morphological profiling, identification of therapeutic targets, immunotherapy and microbiome analysis.

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About Immudex

Immudex ApS is a pioneering life science company and the trusted partner of scientists worldwide spearheading the global adoption of precision cellular immune monitoring. Immudex’s mission is to help researchers and clinicians unravel the complexity of the immune system, enabling the development of more effective immune-based therapeutics and diagnostics.

Immudex operates globally, with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and North American operations based in Fairfax, Virginia. Immudex’s Dextramer® technology is superior for the detection of antigen-specific immune cells, including rare and low-affinity cells. Immudex offers a broad product portfolio that allows scientists to investigate diverse types of immune cells, including T cells, non-conventional T cells and B cells, with reagents tailored to specific applications. Immudex’s products are compatible with multiple platforms from flow cytometry to next generation sequencing and single-cell multi-omics.

In addition to Dextramer® reagents for basic research, Immudex also provides Clinical-Grade Dextramer® (GMP) products and Dextramer® CMV Kits (IVD) manufactured in ISO 13485:2106-certified facilities, according to the requirements of FDA QSR 21 CFR 820. Immudex’s products enable scientists to get the full picture of the immune response, supporting ground-breaking advances within immuno-oncology, transplantation, autoimmune and infectious diseases. Find out more at



About Ardigen

Ardigen is a leading AI CRO specializing in the integration of artificial intelligence and data science in drug discovery. Recognized among the top 5% leaders in the global AI CRO drug discovery market, Ardigen boasts nearly a decade of experience and a proven track record with over 400 successfully executed projects. Collaborating with more than 100 esteemed drug discovery companies and 15 prominent Big Pharma partners, Ardigen has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

The team at Ardigen comprises over 180 dedicated professionals, with a significant quarter holding doctoral degrees, bringing unparalleled expertise and commitment to Life Sciences. Ardigen’s innovative approach positions data at the core of operations, enabling the transformation of biotech and pharmaceutical companies through three key layers: robust infrastructure, an accessible data universe, and actionable scientific insights.

Ardigen's strategic partnerships with top scientific institutes like the Broad Institute and leading technology providers such as AWS underscore their dedication to innovation and excellence. By leveraging proprietary technologies, Ardigen delivers custom AI and bioinformatics services, advances target discovery and validation, optimizes biological therapeutics, and enhances AI-integrated cheminformatics.

Committed to revolutionizing drug discovery, Ardigen is driving the future of life sciences through the power of data and advanced technology.

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