MHC Dextramer® Technology

Revolutionize Your Immune Monitoring Assay

MHC Dextramer® reagents are superior MHC multimers capable of efficiently detecting all antigen-specific CD4+ or CD8+ T cells by flow cytometry. MHC Dextramer technology allows the detection of very low affinity antigen-specific T cells that cannot be identified by other technologies. 

MHC Dextramer reagents consists of a dextran backbone, carrying an optimized number of MHC molecules and fluorochromes. The dextran backbone stabilizes the conformation of the attached proteins, making MHC Dextramer reagents highly stable.

MHC Dextramer technology is widely used for epitope discovery and immune monitoring, to achieve accurate and reproducible results in basic research and clinical trials within immuno-oncology, transplantation, autoimmunity, and infectious disease.

Schematic drawing of MHC multimers binding to T-cell receptors on the surface of a T cell.

Key Features of MHC Dextramer:

  • High number of MHC molecules and fluorophores
  • Increased avidity for T cells
  • Enhanced staining intensity
  • Minimal background staining
  • Detection of low-affinity T-cell receptors

The unique features of MHC Dextramer enable the discovery of T-cell specificities that could not previously be investigated by other techniques, thus creating a new understanding of T-cell immunity.

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