Immudex Citation Guidelines​

To cite Immudex® reagents, please use the following formats:


For MHC Dextramer® OR dCODE Dextramer®: Product name, MHC molecule and epitope sequence (Immudex®, DK) 

Example: MHC Dextramer®, A*0201/ELAGIGILTV, (Immudex®, DK)


For U-Load® Dextramer OR U-Load® dCODE Dextramer: Product name (Immudex®, DK)

Example: U-Load® Dextramer (Immudex®, DK)


For Klickmer® OR dCODE Klickmer®: Product name (Immudex®, DK)

Example: dCODE Klickmer® (Immudex®, DK)


In addition, make sure to include all control reagents used in the study. For further advice on how to write your Material & Methods section in your publication, please write to [email protected].