Proficiency Panels

How Well Do You Perform T-cell Immune Monitoring?

Immudex conducts Proficiency Panels for researchers and clinicians around the world to assess their proficiency in T-cell immune monitoring​.

Proficiency Panels are non-profit services offered with the intention to increase the level of proficiency among laboratories that perform immune monitoring with the MHC multimer assays and T-cell ELISpot assays.

By participating in this proficiency testing, you are provided with the opportunity to check your immune monitoring skills to either be reassured about your ability to accurately monitor T-cell responses, or to possibly identify need for optimization of your assay.

Immudex hopes that these Proficiency Panels in part can help researchers and clinicians to perform the immune monitoring assays and in part can facilitate the generation of high-quality data which in turn can drive improvements in immunotherapeutic research and development.

These Proficiency Panels are supported by the US Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium of the Cancer Research Institute (CIC of CRI) and the European Association for Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT). Check out the science behind

Results obtained in a MHC Multimer Proficiency Panel

”This is great for us, as we want to know how we perform, using this technique”.
Scientist from an immune monitoring Laboratory
“We have already participated in your Proficiency Panel in the last years and would be very happy to participate this year, too”.
Scientist within transfusion medicine
“This is a valuable program for us. It's great to have the report to check our data against”.
Scientist from a contract service provider