Subject your TCR candidates to in-depth scrutiny

  • Cell-free assays: Screen TCR specificity and cross-reactivity with our Soluble TCR Monomers and libraries of our pMHC Monomers loaded with diverse antigen pools.

  • Biological validation: Explore cross-reactivity within the context of a biological system using MHC Dextramer® by flow cytometry.

  • Precise specificity: Ascertain the specificity of your candidate TCR interactions against 1000 epitopes at once with DNA-barcoded dCODE Dextramer® reagents.

  • Exceptional avidity: The high avidity of Dextramer® reagents ensures that even low-affinity TCR-pMHC interactions are detected reliably.

  • Customized assays: Whatever your requirements, our custom solutions and services team is standing by.

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Validating TCR specificity and predicting cross-reactivity are notorious challenges in the development of a T-cell therapy and off-target antigen binding has resulted in serious toxicity.

Currently, such undesired cellular activity can only be anticipated by screening candidate TCRs against a comprehensive library of potential off-target antigens that includes highly expressed proteins and sequence permutations of the target epitope. The necessary ex vivo molecular and in vitro cellular screenings must be sensitive to high and low TCR affinities and conducted repeatedly throughout the development of a candidate TCR product.

Designed to reveal the pMHC-TCR interactions at high resolution, our range of TCR and pMHC Monomers, Dextramer® and dCODE Dextramer® reagents are easily customized and deployed in a range of assays to tackle these challenges.

“As a company that develops targeted immunotherapies, we have used Dextramer® reagents in our preclinical development and clinical trials. Based on this, we view Immudex as a reliable partner and can attest to the consistent quality they provide.”

- Kerry Sieger, M.A. Senior Director Global Quality Operations, Immatics

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TCR-T Cell Therapy

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