Uncover BCR sequences at single-cell resolution to identify novel antibodies

  • Multiplexed detection: Capture antigen-specific B cells and assess all individually and concurrently thanks to the dCODE® DNA barcode.

  • Sensitive, high-avidity binding: Built on Dextramer® technology, Klickmer® binds B cells specific to a loaded target protein, even B cells with low affinity.

  • Single-cell resolution: Evaluate B-cell antigens and BCR sequences at the level of individual cells.

  • Multi-omic approach: Gain information about gene expression and BCR clonotype on thousands of B cells simultaneously.

  • Support from the start: Our expert team can help plan your analysis, design your reagents, and achieve top-quality results.

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The identification and characterization of antigen-specific B cells are vital for the discovery of therapeutic antibodies. The challenge, however, lies in detecting and analyzing thousands of B cells simultaneously. dCODE Klickmer® addresses this gap. This customized and sensitive tool is loaded with an antigen of interest and allowed to bind antigen-specific B cells.

Built on Immudex’s Dextramer® technology, binding is highly specific and sensitive, even for B cells with low affinity for the antigen. Furthermore, as each dCODE Klickmer® molecule includes a DNA barcode, the captured cells can be evaluated in a single workflow and at single-cell resolution, gaining insights into cell phenotype, gene expression, and BCR clonotype.

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"I am very happy with the quality of the products and the prompt response by the customer team"

Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company

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