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  • Capture BCR diversity: DNA-barcoded dCODE Klickmer® reagents enable high-throughput screening of B cells to reveal the range of BCR sequences.

  • View rare cells: Displaying multiple target antigens and fluorochromes, Klickmer® reagents bind with high avidity, for reliable detection of even low-frequency B cells.

  • Deep single-cell analyses: Link the full-length BCR sequences of each detected B cell with antigen, phenotype and gene expression information.

  • Fast and cost-effective: Compatible with the 10x Chromium and BD Rhapsody™ systems, dCODE Klickmer® reagents generate more insights than conventional BCR discovery methods.

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Klickmer® reagents bring the power of Immudex’s Dextramer® technology to any cell type of interest. By binding and displaying a biotinylated molecule of your choice, dCODE Klickmer® reagents identify antigen-specific B cells and map their responses to underlying B-cell receptor sequences. This high-throughput, multiplexed workflow is enabled by the high avidity of Dextramer® technology and DNA barcodes that reveal B-cell responses at single-cell resolution. Accelerate BCR discovery with a stable, customizable, high-performing reagent designed for labs looking to capture more information on immune cells and push the boundaries of immunology.

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