Precision Immune Monitoring: a new standard in immuno-oncology

  • Uncover antigen-specific immune cells: Probe a range of immune cells including antigen-specific CD8+ and CD4+ T cells, MAIT cells, NKT cells, B Cells, Antigen-presenting cells and CAR-T cells.

  • Granular insights: An extensive menu of alleles and epitopes, and the unmatched avidity of Dextramer®-based reagents, reveal rare and low-affinity cell subsets that go undetected by other multimers.

  • Consistent performance: Time-tested Dextramer® technology performs consistently and reliably so you can count on reproducible and comparable results.

  • Full-spectrum characterization: Don’t stop at one epitope. We’ve developed predefined Dextramer® panels for 6 melanoma-associated antigens and for cancer-testis antigens. Alternatively, explore our list of published cancer epitopes for human or mouse, or talk with our experts to develop custom solutions tailored to your needs.

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Advance your immuno-oncology research with deep insights into immune responses. Dextramer® reagents facilitate immunity-informed decisions in cancer research and treatments with highly sensitive detection, quantification, and isolation of antigen-specific immune cell populations. Our reagents unravel the complexity of the immune response for a more comprehensive immune monitoring that identifies even rare or low-affinity immune cells, and offers a precise means to understand the kinetics of immune cells in the fight against cancer.

"Most current FDA-approved and investigational immunotherapies for cancer are designed to augment, activate, or replace antigen-specific T-cell immunity.

The ability to experimentally detect antigen-specific responses in T cells is a critical readout in demonstrating efficacy and investigating side effects of these treatments."

- Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company
“As a company that develops targeted immunotherapies, we have used Dextramer® reagents in our preclinical development and clinical trials. Based on this, we view Immudex as a reliable partner and can attest to the consistent quality they provide.”

- Kerry Sieger, M.A. Senior Director Global Quality Operations, Immatics

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