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  • Precise immune monitoring: Dextamer® and Klickmer® technology improves the binding of T and B cells, reliably detecting even rare and low-affinity antigen-specific immune cells. 

  • Multiple applications: Detect, quantify, isolate, and analyze antigen-specific immune cells using in situ hybridization, flow cytometry, NGS, and single-cell multi-omics.

  • Pre-defined panels: Leverage panels of Dextramer® reagents displaying known epitopes of viruses like CMV and EBV, as well as bacteria like Borrelia and Plasmodium, or browse our full catalog.

  • Expert reagent design: Build your own reagents with our Klickmer® or U-Load® technology to display antigens of your choice. Our experts help you make the sensitive tools you need.

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Understanding the function, activity, and long-term kinetics of T and B cells in mounting a protective response to pathogen infection is pivotal to modern medicine. A detailed description of population composition and dynamics explains disease progression and offers targets for therapy and vaccine development.

Unlike other multimers, Dextramer® and Klickmer® reagents have a flexible backbone that improves binding avidity, affording a more granular characterization of immune cell subsets, from phenotyping to high-throughput multi-omic analyses at single-cell resolution.

Unravel immunity in infectious disease with Immudex
"MHC Dextramer® are very helpful for us to label cells from immunization experiments to do target-specific cell sorting during the screening process."
"I would recommend working with Immudex because reaction times and delivery times are very short."

- Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company

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