High-quality precision immune monitoring tools for today’s therapies

  • Precision immune monitoring: With a broad menu of HLA allotypes and epitopes, you can tackle specific questions about your T-cell therapy and the response in patients using MHC Dextramer® reagents.

  • Consistent performance: Rely on the reproducible and sensitive performance of Dextramer® reagents for long-term persistence monitoring.

  • Granular insights: Dextramer® technology binds target cells with unparalleled avidity, so you detect even rare and low-affinity population subsets.

  • Sights on translation: Our high-quality GMP Dextramer® reagents meet authoritative standards for cell therapy manufacturing.

  • Full-spectrum characterization: Don’t stop at detection. Use dCODE Dextramer® reagents to explore gene expression and analyze TCR clonotypes with different functional phenotypes, at single-cell resolution.

Track the long-term performance of the infusion product through antigen-specific T-cell monitoring using MHC Dextramer® or dCODE Dextramer® 

  • Flow cytometry
  • NSG/Single-cell multi-omics


  • To assess patient response to T cell therapy and activation of endogenous immune cells after infusion
  • To identify factors that distinguish responders and non-responders
  • To analyze T cell clones with different functional phenotypes
  • To investigate epitope spreading

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Understanding immune responses to T cell therapy hinges on the precise immune monitoring of both the infused product and endogenous T and B cells. Dextramer® reagents offer the avidity and consistently high performance to track the efficacy of T cell therapies. Combined with flow cytometry and single-cell multi-omics solutions, Dextramer® and dCODE Dextramer® reagents help distinguish therapeutic T cells, track their kinetics, and determine their persistence. They also support the assessment of clinically relevant response biomarkers, RNA expression profiles, and potential epitope spreading to understand the long-term performance of the infusion product and correlate its function with patient response and activation of endogenous immune cells.

Track T cell performance with Dextramer®
"Most current FDA-approved and investigational immunotherapies for cancer are designed to augment, activate, or replace antigen-specific T-cell immunity.

The ability to experimentally detect antigen-specific responses in T cells is a critical readout in demonstrating efficacy and investigating side effects of these treatments."

- Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company
"A thorough analysis of antigen-specific responses in T cells is critical to demonstrate efficacy of a T cell-based therapy and to investigate possible side effects."

- Thomas Holberg Blicher, PhD. Senior Research Scientist, Immudex

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