Inject Dextramer® sensitivity and precision into your research

  • Flexibility to do what you want: Create biotinylated pMHC monomers and load them on empty U-Load Dextramer® molecules.

  • Broad selection of monomers: Assemble the right MHC complex with the unmatched HLA allotype coverage of easYmers® MHC I and U-Load MHC II.

  • Everything you need: With our U-Load Dextramer® kits, just add your antigen peptide to build a high-avidity MHC multimer in just one hour.

  • Dextramer® performance: The stabilizing Dextramer® backbone of your custom reagent delivers a new level of sensitivity and specificity compared to HLA tetramers or pentamers.

  • Leave no T cell undetected: The multivalent and longer binding of Dextramer® reagents captures even low-affinity T cells that other multimers fail to detect.

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U-Load Dextramer® reagents are an innovative approach to custom MHC-peptide complex creation. With a user-friendly design, you simply combine your choice of antigen peptide with a wide array of MHC I and MHC II allotypes and then load the resulting monomer pMHC complexes onto an empty U-Load Dextramer® molecule.

The simple, one-hour, bench-friendly protocol minimizes costs and time allowing you to push the boundaries of T-cell detection and leverage Dextramer® sensitivity and specificity. Once you’ve done your own MHC multimer assembly with Dextramer® performance, you won’t want to go back to tetramers, pentamers, or conventional multimers.

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"I appreciate the easy-to-load Dextramer® for cell sorting."

- Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company

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