Add B cells to your immune monitoring profiles

  • Tailored multimers: Combine Klickmer® reagents with your choice of biotinylated B cell antigens for antigen-specific B cell gating and sorting via flow cytometry.

  • Unprecedented avidity: Built on Dextramer® technology, Klickmer® reagents loaded with B cell antigens offer high detection sensitivity and efficiency.

  • Optimized loading and signal: With optimized loading capacity and multiple fluorophores, Klickmer® reagents deliver high-avidity and clear detection.

  • Dextramer® specificity and stability: Klickmer® ensures reliable results for experiments that demand precision and consistency, especially in the detection of rare or low-affinity B cells.

  • Time-efficient solution: The short production time of Klickmer® makes reagent production quick, so you can focus on your work.

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Examine new frontiers in immunity research with Klickmer® reagents. Featuring multiple universal acceptor sites and the Dextramer® backbone, Klickmer® reagents are loaded with biotinylated antigens to produce high-avidity multimers for antigen-specific B cell detection.

Offering optimized loading capacity and sensitive detection of cell populations via flow cytometry, Klickmer® reagents are a fast, quality solution for high-resolution profiling of B cell responses, delivering unambiguous results even for rare or low-affinity population subsets.

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Make B cells part of your immune monitoring

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