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  • Precise outcomes: Unmatched accuracy in detecting and quantifying conventional and unconventional antigen-specific T cells.

  • Different cells, same protocol: Regardless of the capture complex – MHC, CD1d, or MR1 – our Dextramer® reagents for T cells all use the same protocol.

  • T, NKT, and MAIT cells in one sample: With a harmonized protocol, combine various Dextramer® reagents to analyze different T cell populations in a single sample.

  • Flexible fluorochromes: Choose the fluorochrome for each reagent – FITC, PE, or APC – to design your desired experimental setup.

  • Expert guidance: Our immune monitoring experts answer questions, provide tips, and help you establish a standardized and effective immune monitoring routine.

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Staining procedure impacts the outcome of immune monitoring experiments. Every step can introduce unwanted variability, and non-standardized protocols make results incomparable. Our MHC Dextramer® staining protocol is a robust, proven procedure designed to make detecting immune cells easy, fast, and consistent between operators, labs, and cell type. Use the same protocol for MHC, CD1d, and MR1 Dextramer® reagents to characterize T, NKT and MAIT cells, knowing that the high avidity of these reagents affords sensitive detection and high-precision measurements.

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