Unlock the full potential of TCR-like antibodies

  • Focus on the pMHC:TCR interaction: Identify candidate TCR-like antibodies based on high-quality pMHC Monomers - peptide-receptive, or ready-to-use.

  • The broadest allele coverage: Choose the right MHC allele from our continually expanding list, covering dominant human HLA haplotypes, as well as primate and mouse models.

  • Immudex quality control: Rely on top-quality reagents subjected to starting materials performance analyses, pMHC complex integrity assessment, and careful purity evaluations.

  • Fast track antibody discovery: Link target antigen to BCR sequences with the DNA barcoded dCODE Klickmer® technology.

  • Unique controls: Exploit TCR Dextramer® reagents as a control for characterization of your TCR-like antibodies.

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TCR-like or T-cell receptor mimic (TCRm) antibodies are a promising cancer immunotherapy strategy as they recognize peptide-MHC complexes on the surface of tumor cells, similar to how T cells do, and mediate anti-tumor effects.
Identifying candidate TCRm antibodies can be done by phage display - screening antibodies displayed on phages against target pMHC complexes. Our peptide-receptive MHC Monomers are an easy and flexible way to generate pMHC complexes. Simply choose the right MHC allele from our broad selection and load them with your peptide of choice.

We also provide high quality ready-to-use pMHC Monomers for animal immunization. The resulting antibodies produced against pMHC can then be analyzed and the best TCRm antibodies selected for further validation.

An alternative approach to speed up the discovery of novel TCR-like antibodies is to load your target antigen(s) of choice onto dCODE Klickmer® and sequence antibody-producing B cells, potentially identifying new TCRm candidates.

Our TCR Dextramer® reagents are a useful tool for the characterization and validation of TCR-like antibodies. Are you interested in reagents that could provide alternatives to TCR-like antibodies, or reagents that could provide a reference for the specificity of TCR-like antibodies? Whatever your needs, our immune monitoring experts can help to design a panel of TCR Dextramer® reagents that supports your TCR-like antibody discovery program.

"Finding highly specific antibodies with high affinity can be a challenge. Being able to order Immudex’s stable MHC complexes with our peptides of choice has helped us considerably."

- Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company

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