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  • Ready-to-use alleles: We provide over 65 standard human, primate, and mouse alleles for use in Dextamer® reagents or as loadable solutions.

  • Relevant coverage: Over the last decade, we’ve constructed and continue to expand a vast repertoire of relevant HLA alleles that keeps pace as our understanding of immunology develops.

  • Rigorous quality control: Our optimized manufacturing processes generate high-quality MHC molecules, and our final reagents undergo stringent product quality control checks.

  • Commitment to innovation: Our Custom Solutions and Services are dedicated to empowering your exploration of immunity with specific allelic variants, and regularly develop new custom alleles and specificities.

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Immudex creates and manufactures top-tier reagents to identify, isolate, and characterize antigen-specific immune cells in humans, mice, and primates. The reagents used for immune cell detection must match the HLA type of the sample being analyzed in order to ensure a biologically relevant read-out.

To enable our clients to truly explore immune diversity in global populations, we offer one of the most extensive HLA allele portfolios in the immune monitoring market. Our list of common MHC class I and MHC class II alleles, including DQ2.5, covers human haplotypes as well as alleles specific to mouse and primate models.

The portfolio is continually broadened to best serve the evolving field of immunology and our expert team provides tailored MHC Monomers and Dextramer® reagents for custom alleles, such as HLA-E and HLA-G to research non-conventional T cells.

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