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  • Time-tested production: Our ready-to-use MHC monomers are the outcome of over 10 years of experience in setting up manufacturing processes for optimal protein expression and quality control.

  • Robust quality control: Rely on top-quality reagents subjected to starting materials performance analyses, pMHC complex integrity assessment, and careful purity evaluations.

  • The broadest allele coverage: Choose the right MHC allele from our continually expanding list, covering dominant human HLA haplotypes, as well as primate and mouse models.

  • GMP option: Work with high-quality MHC monomers to advance your research and count on the same high-performance reagents manufactured according to GMP.

  • Load MHC your way: Create your own pMHC monomers with easYmers® and U-Load® MHC II, our peptide-receptive MHC I and MHC II monomers. Assemble your own MHC multimers in under an hour with U-Load Dextramer®.

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Your research is important, and so are the tools you use. Whether assessing drug immunogenicity, examining pMHC binding affinity and TCR interactions, or identifying epitopes and testing for TCR cross-reactivity, the insights you gain depend on the consistent and reliable performance of the reagents you use. At Immudex, we know that. With over a decade of experience in protein expression, we design and produce ready-to-use pMHC monomers as well as peptide-receptive MHC monomers via efficient manufacturing processes and under strict quality control. Plus, we continually develop new products to expand the repertoire of immune cells that can be detected, and we grow our coverage of human and research model MHC allotypes. So, you can rest assured that our MHC monomers not only advance your work but also open new avenues of research.

"Finding highly specific antibodies with high affinity can be a challenge. Being able to order Immudex’s stable MHC complexes with our peptides of choice has helped us considerably."

- Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company

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