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  • Precision Redefined: Unmatched accuracy in detecting and quantifying antigen-specific T cells.

  • GM-Grade: Our commitment to excellence shines through robust manufacturing under Good Manufacturing Practice to deliver MHC multimers of the highest quality.

  • Rigorous Quality Control: We include both in-process quality control as well as quality control of the final product.

  • Expert Guidance: Collaborate with our immune monitoring experts for personalized guidance and ensure success in your application, whether you need a GMP-grade MHC multimer, or an analyte-specific reagent (ASR).

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Setting new standards in precision, our GMP-grade MHC multimers are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice, ensuring unparalleled reliability in detecting antigen-specific T cells. Designed for premium versatility, these reagents can be applied in a range of applications – from immune monitoring in clinical trials, to lot-release testing of cell-based immunotherapeutics.

"As a company that develops targeted immunotherapies, we have used Dextramer® reagents in our preclinical development and clinical trials. Based on this, we view Immudex as a reliable partner and can attest to the consistent quality they provide.”

- Kerry Sieger, M.A. Senior Director Global Quality Operations, Immatics
"I really recommend using GMP reagents from the beginning, it saves time and effort."

- Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company

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