The Dextramer® Optimization Kit

The Dextramer Optimization Kit for immunohistochemistry (IHC) can be used to optimize detection of antigen-specific T cells in solid tissue sections.

The Kit comprises three Dextramer reagents where:

  • Each Dextramer carries the same specificity (e.g. HLA-A*0201/ELAGIGILTV)

  • Each Dextramer carries a different number of MHC-peptide complexes, providing reagents with low, medium, or high avidity, respectively

  • Each Dextramer is FITC labelled for direct visualization by fluorescent microscopy

By utilizing The Dextramer Optimization Kit, you can identify the Dextramer reagent optimal for your tissue type and experimental setup. Optimization may also be required for other steps of the In Situ staining procedure, e.g. tissue preparation and antibodies.

How to Order the Dextramer® Optimization Kit

Send an e-mail to [email protected] specifying:

  • Cat. no. or the MHC allele-peptide combination. Please check our current list of available MHC alleles

The Dextramer® Optimization Kit

Content Amount Fluorophore Price (EUR) Price (USD)
Three Dextramer® reagents with same specificity 0,2 mL FITC 3.430 3,910
Three Dextramer® reagents with same specificity 1 mL FITC 8.620 9,845


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Example of a Dextramer® Optimization Kit Specification Sheet 

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