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  • Precision sequencing: Perform V(D)J sequencing of α, β, and/or paired αβ chains for a comprehensive T-cell repertoire.

  • Link TCR Sequence to Cognate pMHC: dCODE Dextramer® reagents reveal TCR-antigen interactions that may help predict the safety profile of T-cell therapies.

  • Holistic characterization: Compatibility with BD Rhapsody™ and 10x Chromium platforms links antigen specificity to gene expression, surface protein, and VDJ sequences for a complete single-cell-level TCR analysis.

  • Reliable sensitivity: Dextramer®-based reagents ensure stable and high-avidity detection of antigen-specific T cells, even rare or low-affinity T cells.

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dCODE Dextramer® reagents streamline T-cell receptor (TCR) discovery with precise identification of even rare TCRs. Compatibility with BD Rhapsody™ and 10x Chromium enables V(D)J sequencing of the α, β, and/or paired αβ chains of antigen-specific T cells for even rare TCRs and linking antigen specificity to gene and surface marker expression.

This comprehensive TCR analysis is pivotal to understand therapeutic value and risks of a candidate TCR. You can rely on dCODE Dextramer® for sensitive and efficient characterization of antigen-specific T cells, linking TCR sequences to their cognate pMHC.

“Immatics uses Dextramer® reagents from Immudex for lot-release testing of TCR-based cell therapy product candidates. Being able to source high-quality pMHC multimer reagents from a reliable provider is important to us.”

- Kerry Sieger, M.A. Senior Director Global Quality Operations, Immatics

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