MHC Multimer Proficiency Panel

How Well Do You Monitor T-cell Subsets, Using

MHC Multimer Reagents?

Laboratories around the world are invited to participate in Immudex' annual MHC Multimer Proficiency Panel. 

In the panel, participants get a chance to assess their proficiency in enumerating antigen-specific CD8+ T cells in the provided PBMC samples, using MHC multimer reagents and flow cytometry.

All participants receive identical PBMC samples which they analyze, using their own laboratory-specific protocols. Participants can use their own type of MHC multimer reagents, or they can receive MHC Dextramer® reagents free of charge. After analysis, participants report their data to Immudex, and a report is combined with results and performance from all participants. The participants’ names and affiliations are kept anonymous.

MHC Multimer Proficiency Panel Step-by-step 

Sign Up Receive Samples Analyze Samples Upload Data Receive Report
Register PBMCs

MHC Dextramer® if requested

Assay instructions
Use your own protocol to analyze PBMC samples according to the instructions Report your results back to Immudex Get a report with all participants' performance
Registration end October 15, 2020 October- November 2020 October - December 2020 Submission closes
December 20, 2020
February 2021

Why Participate?

  • To confirm your capability of performing reliable MHC multimer assays
  • To compare your performance with peers in the T-cell immune monitoring field
  • To ensure alignment with your collaborators (e.g. in multicenter trials)
  • To increase credibility towards your sponsors and regulatory agencies
  • To identify staff that may require further training and thereby obtain more consistent working practices in your laboratory


CTL provides PBMC samples at a reduced price. Immudex conducts quality control of the PBMC samples and MHC Dextramer reagents before these are shipped to the participants. 

Participation Fee

  • Academia, non-profit organizations 1200 EUR/ 1400 USD
  • Zero revenue biotech companies 1600 EUR/ 1850 USD
  • Positive revenue biotech companies 2200 EUR/ 2550 USD
  • Pharmaceutical companies 2500 EUR/2900 USD

MHC Multimer Staining

Example of a dot plot showing an antigen-specific CD8+ T cell population.



If you have any questions, please contact us. We would be pleased to help you.