Isolate, analyze, and track B cells:

  • Tailored B cell detection: Easily load biotinylated spike fragments or other molecules onto Klickmer® reagents for the sensitive detection of antigen-specific B cells.

  • Exceptional avidity: Klickmer® reagents build on Dextramer® Technology to offer unmatched avidity in binding rare and low-affinity B cell subsets.

  • Simple workflow: Klickmer® reagents are used to isolate SARS-CoV-2-specific B cells from PBMCs without stimulation, enrichment, or expansion steps.

  • Multiplexed insights: Use DNA-barcoded dCODE Klickmer® reagents to link multiple B cell specificities with BCR sequence, surface marker, and gene expression information.

  • Versatile applications: The consistent performance of Klickmer® reagents is ideal for detecting B cells in disease and recovery, designing vaccines, and monitoring long-term memory immunity.

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B cells play a role in disease progression, defense against new infections, and immune memory for future assaults. Vaccines leverage these features and thus, in a world facing the possibility of global pandemics, understanding B cell phenotypes, kinetics, durability, and resilience to viral variants is essential.

Our Klickmer® reagents can be loaded with recombinant SARS-CoV-2 proteins to detect and characterize how B cell populations of different specificities respond to COVID-19 infection and vaccines. With a flexible Dextramer® backbone displaying multiple antigens and multiple fluorophores, Klickmer® reagents detect even low-affinity and rare cell subsets. Thus, B cell abundance and phenotype can be monitored long-term as part of vaccine development and evaluation programs.

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