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  • Your candidates, our expertise: Our dedicated team of experts produces your TCR candidates as soluble TCR monomers or TCR Dextramer® reagents.

  • Rigorous Quality Control: Structural integrity, binding specificity, and expected functionality are controlled for each TCR, confirming TCR functionality and specificity.

  • Both sides of TCR:pMHC: Combine soluble TCR monomers and TCR Dextramer® reagents with our MHC Monomers or MHC Dextramer® reagents to control and understand both sides of the TCR:pMHC interaction.

  • Reliable sensitivity: Dextramer®-based reagents ensure stable and high-avidity detection of antigen-specific T cells, even those with low target affinity.

  • Numerous applications: talk to our experts about our solutions for assessing TCR:pMHC binding strength e.g. by SPR, or investigating TCR cross-reactivity at scale using dCODE Dextramer®.

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“As a company that develops targeted immunotherapies, we have used Dextramer® reagents in our preclinical development and clinical trials. Based on this, we view Immudex as a reliable partner and can attest to the consistent quality they provide.”

- Kerry Sieger, M.A. Senior Director Global Quality Operations, Immatics
"Antigen-specific interaction is at the heart of TCR-T cell therapy.
To develop an effective T cell-based therapeutic, it is necessary to discover not only the right TCR, but also the most suitable target epitope."

- Thomas Holberg Blicher, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Immudex

Immudex offers quality-tested TCR and MHC monomers and multimers to facilitate the meticulous assessment of TCR:pMHC interactions and the validation of TCR candidates. We design and produce soluble monomers of your TCR candidates, featuring complete alpha and beta chains that ensure consistent and reproducible performance in measuring TCR:pMHC complex affinity and binding strength.

Those same monomers can be linked to a Dextramer® backbone molecule for the reliable detection of pMHC complexes by flow cytometry or in-situ staining. Finally, our MHC Monomers and MHC Dextramer® reagents enable highly sensitive and accurate characterization of TCR performance in binding target and off-target epitopes, even for low-affinity interactions.

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