Advance novel CAR-T cell therapies with optimal Dextramer® reagents:

  • High-avidity multimer technology: The Dextramer® backbone ensures high-avidity, multivalent binding, and heightened sensitivity for even low-affinity CAR-T cells.

  • Enhanced sensitivity and signal intensity: Boosts signal-to-noise ratio over conventional reagents – ideal for transduction validation, patient monitoring, and persistence assessment.

  • Multiplexed staining: Reagents accommodate various fluorochromes to detect diverse CAR-T cell constructs, including bivalent or gated CARs.

  • Integrated DNA barcodes: Combine your reagent with DNA barcodes for NGS-based discrimination of cell subsets or single-cell multi-omics.

  • GMP-grade available: Rest assured that we can provide high quality Dextramer® reagents manufactured according to GMP.


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Accurate detection of CAR-T cells is pivotal to their development and translation. However, as CAR-T therapies become more diverse, reagent flexibility to detect novel CAR constructs and their precise characterization becomes paramount. This is where existing staining reagents are limited.

Dextramer® reagents stand out as a high-avidity multimer technology with exceptional sensitivity that can be loaded with a concept-specific antigen. With a dextran backbone, Dextramer® reagents bind CAR T cells multivalently, capture CAR-T cells with high antigen dissociation rates, and are compatible with multiplexed staining—a game-changer in CAR-T cell analysis.

What’s in your cytometer?
"We recommend direct detection of the CAR to determine the % of CAR-positive cells."

- FDA. Draft Guidance for Industry:
Considerations for the development of CAR T Cell Products 03/2022
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- Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company

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