CD1d Dextramer® – Identify NKT Cells with Confidence

Non-conventional T Cells in the Spotlight

Natural killer T (NKT) cells are CD1d-restricted T cells that recognize lipids and diverse glycolipids of pathogens. Their importance to immunity is exemplified by their implication in the developed of autoimmune diseases, cancer, and possibly asthma.

The modular flexibility of CD1d Dextramer® reagents allows coupling CD1d with glycolipid alpha-Galactosyl Ceramide (α-GalCer) and an optimized number of fluorophores on a stabilizing dextran backbone. The result is a highly effective reagent to detect and enumerate invariant NKT (iNKT) cells.

CD1d Dextramer® is also available empty, without a lipid, so you load your lipid of choice, or create a negative control for your experiment.

Dextramer® Leaves No Cell Undetected

Combining the high avidity, stability, and ease of use, CD1d Dextramer® reagents shed new light on NKT cells

  • Use high-quality, research-ready reagents
  • Interpret resulting data with ease
  • Generate consistent and reproducible results

Order CD1d Dextramer®

CD1d Dextramer® is also available as CD1d dCODE Dextramer®. Identify NKT Cells down to the single-cell level by NGS or single-cell multi-omics.
CD1d dCODE Dextramer® is available in different formats (HiT, RiO, and 10x).

To order CD1d Dextramer® reagents, consult the table below and send an e-mail to specifying:

  • Catalog number
  • Fluorophore (PE, APC, FITC, or none)
  • Test size (50, 150, 500, 1000 tests)
CD1d Dextramer® Glycolipid Cat. No.
Human CD1d α-GalCer XD8002

Mouse CD1d

α-GalCer YD8002
Human CD1d Empty XD8001
Mouse CD1d Empty YD8001